January 23, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    The people who buy animal parts on the black market are fueling the economy of the poaching cartels.  Every rug, coat or other product that has been made from animals (including mounted specimens) has cost an animal its life. If a lot of people thought about it, they would never buy items that have been made from an endangered species of animal.
    Poaching cartels are only able to exist because of the corrupted political systems of the world. If the government of the United States can spy on people 24 hours a day, maim and kill people with lasers and drones, it can certainly stop poachers hiding in the bush. If competent people were in charge, only a fraction of the money being squandered on politics would be needed to eliminate the poaching cartels.
    The ruthless and sadistic crimes of poachers have been well documented. In October of 2013, poachers poisoned 300 African elephants in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. The fact that this mass killing was in a National Park, a place where elephants are supposed to be safe, shows how corrupted the country of Zimbabwe is.
    Because of poaching, it is estimated that African Elephants may become extinct in 25-50 years in the wild. In 2012, The New York Times reported that there was a large surge of ivory poaching with 70% of all illegal ivory going to China! Wildlife officials say they are now working to cut off the “Chinese Connection” along with other buyers of ivory; they state that they are monitoring the origin of ivory to stop the senseless slaughter of African Elephants.
    In spite of ivory bans in 1989, elephant numbers have continued to decline. The statistics are staggering. African elephants have experienced a 60-70% decline in population in two decades, 1979-2002. In Central Africa 13,607 elephants have been poached in 2012 alone. In East Africa, 8,515 elephants have been poached in 2012 alone. Illegal poaching for African Elephants increased greatly in 2008 and relates to the increase in price for local black market ivory with increased findings of illegal ivory headed for China. Estimates of 25,000 to 35,000 African Elephants were killed for their tusks in 2012.
    The population of endangered rhinoceros, inhabiting the greater part of sub-Saharan Africa, was estimated to have been about 100,000 in 1960 and has now dwindled to 4000 with poaching the main cause of the decline. The commercial poaching of white and black rhinoceros increased in South Africa from 12 rhinos killed in 2004 to 946 killed in 2013. Rhino horns are being bought up by increasing numbers of Vietnamese people.
    In China, Vietnam and other countries of Asia, many uneducated people have a completely ludicrous belief that there is magic in the body parts of tigers, rhinos and other animals. These people pay big bucks for animal parts on the black market and are a major threat to endangered wild animals. A special task force should be set up to cut off the supply of animal parts to these offending countries.



    The statistics prove that all the efforts to stop the poachers have failed. It’s time to do something different. Many people working in animal refuges in Africa and Asia have been manipulated and used by the poaching cartels. A whole new plan of operation needs to be implemented to save African elephants and rhinoceroses. The most logical plan is to relocate these endangered animals to refuges here in America. Preferably, the refuges should be large enough to accommodate herds of elephants and rhinoceroses where a naturally balanced ecosystem can be established.
    Getting endangered animals away from the poaching trade routes of China, Vietnam and other buyers of illegal animal parts would go a long way in protecting them. Here in America the animals would be a lot safer than being around the people of Africa and Asia who have been infiltrated and corrupted by the poaching cartels.
    Many kinds of African and Asian animals have been propagated here in America. Lemurs from Madagascar are being raised in America to save them from extinction. The same course of action could be done with African elephants and Rhinoceroses – and these animals are in grave danger.
    In a court of law, a hired murderer is held accountable and punished as well as the person or persons who hired the murderer. When dealing with the poaching cartels, the same kind of justice should be served. Here we have two different kinds of criminals, one is as bad as the other one; their combination makes them especially dangerous to vulnerable and defenseless animals. In reality, these criminals are lowlife cowards who prey on animals that cannot defend themselves against firearms and other deadly weapons.
    China, Vietnam and other offending countries are paying large sums of money to impoverished bushmen to do their killing for them! All of the participants in this “ring of death” have to be held accountable and punished severely in order to stop the poaching cartels. The buyers of illegal animal parts are as responsible for the slaughter of endangered wild animals as the killers are.
    The crimes of poaching and excessive killing of wild animals have been going on for too long. Here in America, wildlife officials have killed too many wild animals for no good reason. Over 500 black bears were killed unnecessarily in New Jersey in 2015; a lot of other black bears were killed unnecessarily in Florida and other states. Every one of those black bears was worth a lot of money “dead” – and China was paying top dollar. A lot of valuable products are made from black bear corpses, and the bears were probably killed for their “body parts”.
    The United States has the technology and resources to eliminate the poaching cartels, but the government is not making the protection of wild animals a priority. This government is spending too much money and resources on politics and the wrong kinds of war. The government should be eliminating the poaching cartels and saving endangered wild animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace

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