April 13, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    There are people who derive pleasure from killing innocent wild animals; these degenerates can buy a license to kill in any township or city. The antiquated hunting laws of America have allowed and sanctioned the bloody traditions of overkill. Hunters who kill for sport and trophies have no respect for wildlife and are guilty of committing heinous crimes against nature. The animals that these hunters are so carelessly slaughtering are just as sensitive to pain and suffering as people.
    Hunters who kill for sport and trophies have not yet become civilized enough to conserve and protect wildlife; they are representative of the savages of the past but with a difference: they are armed with modern deadly weapons, which does not give the animals much of a chance to escape and survive.
    The corruption in the conservation departments should be eliminated; the focus of these organizations should be on preserving wildlife and not on appeasing “hunters”. Protecting wildlife should not be a business of collecting money from hunting licenses just to be spent on producing more wild animals to be slaughtered by more hunters.
    Until the archaic hunting laws are changed, the unwarranted slaughter will continue. The majority of people are sometimes slow to learn, and most people have not realized the dire crisis wild animals are facing. Too many people are caught up in human relationships and are not concerned about protecting wildlife. Too much money is being wasted on politics, religions and financial support in impoverished countries. If the so-called “billionaires” would use some of their money on birth control, the environment and protecting wildlife, it would be a lot cleaner and greener world.
    America’s obsession with guns and other weapons has led to an epidemic of mass killings in schools and other places. The “killing mentality” is being nurtured by many contributing factors, but it is the utter disregard for life in this kind of mentality that is also reflected in sports hunters and trophy hunters. The culture of unnecessary violence against wild animals has indirectly contributed to people committing violence against people. It is the unrestrained disregard for life and the resultant unnecessary killing that links all of these killers together.


    Too many young people are being tutored to kill wild animals for sport and trophies. The corrupted sports industry is vigorously promoting hunting. All kinds of hunting gear, guns and other weapons are being advertised and promoted, and stores like Bass Pro are active participants. The traditions of overkill are being handed down from one generation to another without people questioning how wrong their actions are. Young people are being blind-sided by their parents and grandparents. The pioneers of America were careless and excessive killers who left behind a legacy of death and destruction.
    The killing of wild animals for sport and trophies should be forever outlawed. When the majority of people wake up and realize the injustices of this kind of killing, the antiquated hunting laws will be changed. Far too many wild animals have become extinct because of hunters.
    To understand how the traditions of overkill began, it is necessary to briefly review the history of humanity. From the beginning, people have tried to explain the spiritual world with religion; the result has been a world full of conflicting religious beliefs. In Christianity and many other religions, mankind is treated as a separate entity from all of the other animals and is regarded as a special “creation” where everything in the universe was created just for mankind. This deceptive belief has caused a false sense of superiority in most people and has caused them to think they can plunder the earth and its resources with impunity.
    The contributing factors that religions have played in the traditions of overkill are obvious. Many of the delusional ideas of religions only confuse people about what is right or wrong in protecting the environment and wildlife. Obviously, there is a lot of religious misinterpretation of the spiritual world. By over-emphasizing the importance of mankind, most religions are in conflict with the laws of nature.
    On the long treacherous road of becoming civilized, man has mostly abused his wild but close relatives in the animal kingdom; he has largely stumbled upon his own incompetence of recognizing the true values of preserving nature and the natural world.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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