January 6, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    On December 20, 2015, a scout leader, Christopher Petronino, 50, was trying to explore a cave in the Splitrock Reservoir of Rockaway Township in the state of New Jersey when a black bear attacked him, inflicting non-life threatening injuries. The bear was only trying to defend its home from an intruder. Confrontations like this one keep happening because the so-called authorities are forcing bears and people together by not providing the bears a place to go to get away from people. The wildlife officials have brought back populations of black bears but have not provided any refuges for them.
    It was not stated in the report online what happened to the bear at the cave, but doubtlessly, the so-called authorities destroyed it; killing is their way of managing wild animals! Every year in early December, the bear killers of New Jersey organize hunts and go into the woods and kill every black bear they can find – and all of this killing is done by blood-thirsty fanatics; in the last year alone over 500 black bears were slaughtered.
    Chris Christy, the Governor of New Jersey has taken no action to stop this massacre. All of the politicians have turned a blind eye to the unnecessary slaughter of black bears. Unscrupulous people who have no respect for nature or wild animals are carrying out this animal genocide.
    There has been some speculation that the bear killers of New Jersey are part of a poaching conspiracy. Every one of those black bears was worth a lot of money “dead” - and China was paying top dollar. A lot of valuable products are made from black bear corpses, and the bears could have been killed for their “body parts”. The sadistic bow and arrow hunts that take place twice a year in New Jersey, along with hunters armed with deadly firearms has made the state of New Jersey a “killing field” for modern day savages who are satisfying their blood lust by maiming and killing black bears.
    If the so-called conservation officials were legitimately trying to protect wildlife, they would acknowledge that the problem is “people” – not bears! It is the people who manage wildlife that are out of control! The logical way to protect the bears is to establish fenced-in preserves for the bears where a natural ecosystem can be maintained on its own. All of this unnecessary killing could be avoided just by “live trapping” the bears and placing them in these preserves.
    The real intentions and purposes of conservation departments become clear when it is realized that these organizations are not working for wildlife but only for “hunters”. Black bear populations were brought back only for hunters to kill. There is a hunting season on black bears, deer and many other animals, and there is a lot of money being paid for hunting licenses.


    Of all the organizations that are “supposed” to be protecting wildlife, where are these organizations every December when the bear killers are on the rampage in New Jersey? Why aren’t these people taking a stand for the bears? It is obvious that most of these organizations are only scams, and it is also quite clear that all of the humane societies only work for pets like cats and dogs!
    When it comes to protecting wildlife, American citizens have allowed governmental bureaucracies to control the “hunting laws” that are implemented in this country - in spite of the fact that we are living under a system of antiquated and outdated game laws. Traditions and obsession with guns and other weapons have played a role in distorting the values and beliefs of the majority of people in this country.
    The “destroyers” of wildlife vastly outnumber the people who want to protect wildlife. To get to the heart of the problem of protecting wild animals, it is necessary to know what makes the “destroyers” of wildlife. As a whole, these people grew up following bloody traditions of overkill, engaging in sports hunting and trophy hunting.
    Religions and traditions have created false beliefs in many people, making them believe that everything in the universe was created just for the human race and people are “better” than all the other animals. With the inventions of deadly weapons, many people became kill-crazed fanatics, and this evolved into the traditions of overkill.
    Truly civilized people do not kill wild animals for the sport of killing or for trophies. The process of becoming “civilized” is supposed to separate modern man from the savages of the past. Killing for sport or trophies is barbarism at its worst, and these people do not respect the laws of nature.
    All of the mitigating factors of religious and traditional influences have helped to create ruthless exterminators like the bear killers of New Jersey. There is also a bureaucratic deception involved here where the so-called authorities are deliberately misleading people about the true concepts of protecting wild animals.

--Marlin O. Wallace






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