January 21, 2023

Abuse Of Alligators

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    Alligators are the most abused animals in America. The crimes being perpetrated against alligators are mind boggling. The Federal Government has allowed horrendous “alligator farms” to be legally operated. Through its conservation departments, the government has promoted the killing of alligators for sport. Ordinary citizens are allowed to raise alligators like farm animals and make money by charging hunters to kill the animals.
    All kinds of restaurants and amusement centers are allowed to keep alligators in cramped and filthy living quarters while the proprietors try to exploit the animals as entertainment to patrons. “Fake wrestling” matches between men and alligators are allowed in amusement parks where the odds are deliberately stacked against the alligators. Careless and apathetic people are allowed to buy baby alligators from pet shops which usually causes the animals to die from neglect and poor living conditions.
    Alligator farms are like torture chambers where young alligators are killed for their hides when they are only a year old. All of the horrifying facts about “alligator farms” have been well documented by the “PETA” organization. Members of PETA have worked as employees on alligator farms, collecting detailed information. Everybody should download the real facts about alligator farms from the internet.
    There are a lot more abusive practices that should be outlawed where alligators are being needlessly killed. In Florida, the so-called “public hunt” encourages people to needlessly kill alligators. Also in Florida and other places, the so-called “nuisance alligator” practice is causing thousands of alligators that are 4 feet long and longer to be needlessly killed just because they are in the wrong place or someone complains about them.




    The way the authorities in Florida are mishandling alligators is nothing short of premeditated animal murder. The authorities should know that human overpopulation has destroyed wildlife habitats, and the animals have no place to go. Instead of slaughtering misplaced alligators, the authorities should create wildlife refuges and live trap the alligators and place them in the refuges. The people in Florida owe it to the alligators to provide them with a place to live; the alligators were in Florida first, and they deserve to stay there.
    The corrupted hunting industry has played a role in promoting the needless killing of alligators by sponsoring TV programs that show hunters killing alligators with deadly weapons. These TV programs are sending the wrong message. It is unethical to try to make heroes out of cowards. There is nothing heroic or charismatic about kill crazed hunters who hide behind their deadly weapons and kill innocent animals.
    In 1967, alligators were put on the endangered animal list because of extravagant overkills. In 1987, alligators were taken off the endangered animal list, and at that time the abuse of alligators became worse than ever, partly because of the increase of human population.
    It is a monumental disgrace and black mark on the human race for its crimes against alligators. These prehistoric animals have survived millions of years only to be confronted by a cowardly and sadistic enemy in the human race. Without their weapons, people could never compete with alligators. People would be hard pressed to live on this earth even a fraction of the time that alligators have been here.
    The American people are going to have to organize against the degenerates who are committing atrocious crimes against alligators or the abuse will continue. Only dedicated people can stop animal abuse. There will be no justice for alligators until all alligator farms are outlawed and the needless killing of alligators is prohibited.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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