June 30, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    A new kind of animal refuge is needed for wild animals that are involved in attacks on people. Instead of “euthanizing” these animals (which is the same thing as murder in the animal kingdom) the authorities should relocate them in a refuge away from people. There should be no human contact with the animals once they are in the refuge, and that’s why this plan would eliminate future conflicts with these animals.
    This kind of refuge should be large enough to be self-sustaining where the animals can take care of themselves (there is no zoo here). A balanced ecosystem could be naturally maintained between predators and prey. There should be no roads in the refuge to cause road kill. The refuge should be fenced to keep the animals in and the people out.
    By allowing wild animals their own space away from the interference of people, a peaceful solution to the age-old problem of coexistence between people and wild animals could be solved. The rescued animals that are relocated could adjust to the new environment by being around a lot of other animals including their own kind. Over a period of time, this kind of refuge could save countless wild animals from being senselessly slaughtered by the so-called authorities.
    This new kind of wild animal refuge is the only sensible solution to the growing number of confrontations between wild animals and people. More and more people are invading the home habitats of wild animals, and this invites more animal attacks.
    The authorities, which includes the Fish and Wildlife agencies and the police, practice a protocol of killing the animals involved in attacks on people. All of these senseless killings could be avoided by live trapping the animals and relocating them in refuges away from people.
    Conservation agencies only protect animals until the next hunting season and only for the purpose of letting hunters kill them. By forcing wild animals and people together, these authorities are inviting more confrontations between wild animals and people.


    In National Parks, where wild animals are supposed to be left alone, certain safeguards for both people and wild animals could be implemented. For example, a portion of the park could be fenced off where potentially dangerous animals could reside and where no people are allowed. This would prevent any wild animal attacks.
    It is the careless and senseless protocol of the people who are supposed to be protecting wild life that is causing most of the trouble. If the Fish and Wildlife agencies would simply keep people and wild animals apart instead of crowding them together, it could virtually end all wild animal attacks.
    In the face of all this corruption in the conservation agencies, where are all those “animal rights” organizations? What stand are they taking in the fight for wild animal rights? Are they just limited to “cats and dogs”? What have all those humane societies ever done about stopping the cruel and vicious slaughter of wild animals?
    Cruel and vicious crimes are being committed against wild animals all the time, and people are doing no more about it than just apathetically looking on. What about that black bear in the state of Washington that suffered and died over a period of days from a bow and arrow attack, and then the so-called authorities saying everything was alright because the bear was “in season”? What about the low-life fanatic who was legally allowed to commit this crime against nature?
    It’s time for civilized people to take a stand against barbaric killers of wild animals. The archaic laws regarding wild animals must be changed. Sports hunters and trophy hunters along with the corrupted authorities must be recognized as the sadistic assassins they are, and they must be stopped from carrying out their missions of unnecessary killings.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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