March 28, 2020
A New Kind of Radiation Weapon

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    The purpose of this article is to expose a radiation weapon that “vaporizes” living targets. There is evidence that the communists are using long-range radiation weapons to kill and vaporize living targets here in America. After an attack with this weapon, which can be launched from a satellite to penetrate homes and other buildings, no visible part of a living target is left. These secret weapons pose a threat to everybody; no one is safe.
     Communist satellites armed with deadly laser guns are circling the globe 24 hours a day. From their vantage point high above the earth, the reds can zero in on the exact location of people in their homes. The reds have used the space program to gain control of millions of people. Vital information about secret and deadly weapons have been covered up by communist government officials.





    The lives of vulnerable people are being dissected and monitored by communist conspirators. Unsuspecting people have allowed the communists to enslave their lives and control their destinies. The reds have used the innovations of science to confuse and brainwash people all over the world.
     Radiation weapons have become the major part of the communist arsenal. Different kinds of laser attacks can simulate a wide variety of medical disorders including fatal heart attacks. Some lasers can be launched from satellites that can kill people in their own homes without leaving a trace. Now there is a radiation weapon that can kill and “vaporize” a living target, and it’s in the hands of the communists. The government has steadfastly refused to inform American citizens about the omnipresent dangers emanating from communist satellites.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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