September 22, 2015


©2015 Marlin O. Wallace

     They look like plain old ordinary American citizens and go largely unrecognized in our midst. These people usually pay their taxes, and many have close knit families. A lot of these people even go to church on Sunday. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to identifying these barbaric killers who are in disguise.      When the “hunting season” is on, they bring out their guns, bows and arrows and other hunting gear, terrorizing wild animals in the woods and fields for miles around. The great majority of these hunters are not killing for the meat; they’re killing just for sport and trophies.
     They call themselves “hunters”, but they are barbaric killers in disguise, and they are killing “legally” and with impunity because of the faulty game laws that are in place. These people have nurtured their urges to kill and have carefully tailored their lifestyle to fit a certain identity where they carry guns, bows and arrows or other weapons, and they are accepted by the general public as just “hunters”. The majority of people are misinterpreting the true identity of these killers in disguise.
     Traditions can die hard. For too long, people have been confused about the meaning of the word “hunter”. Originally, far back in time, people thought a hunter was someone who killed to eat. Later, a new breed of killer emerged on the scene in the form of sports hunters and trophy hunters. The confusion has created a bloody tradition of “overkill” and has led to the mismanagement of wild animals all over the world.
     As to why people have allowed themselves to be hoodwinked into following misguided traditions, the creation of many religions in the world have played a domineering role with their teachings that mankind is superior to all other life forms and that everything was created just for mankind’s benefit. This kind of belief has made people irresponsible and reckless about preserving the natural wonders of nature.
     Today, the killing of wild animals for sport and trophies has become big business. The corrupted sports industry has promoted the slaughter by sponsoring the sales of guns, bows and arrows, camping equipment and all other kinds of hunting gear. There


are TV programs that show hunters killing deer and other wild animals. Young people are being deceptively brainwashed by all of this advertisement in glory and gore.
     Most people are not conscious of the suffering and pain wild animals go through at the hands of hunters. Many times, a wounded animal only dies slowly from a bullet or arrow in it.      Apparently, the majority of people, in their apathetic complacency, have closed their minds and hearts to the horrors that hunters unnecessarily force upon wild animals.
     Conservation departments are not looking out for the welfare of wild animals and have become a strategic part of the corrupted sports industry. Hunters are being given licenses to maim and kill wild animals just for sport and trophies.
     Recently, a black bear was wounded by a bow and arrow hunter in the state of Washington. Whether this hunter considered himself to be a novice or a professional, his aim was very bad.      Later, the bear attacked this hunter and his son inflicting claw marks and puncture wounds. The bear escaped, but it was later found dead after suffering a slow, agonizing death. This bear was made to suffer long hours of needless pain all because of a fanatic who had the urge to kill.
     The people of this world who want to protect the rights of wild animals must deal directly with the destroyers of wild animals.      The sports industry, with its legions of misguided hunters, is the No. 1 enemy of all the people who are fighting for wild animal rights. It’s time for the majority of people to wake up and see the barbaric killers of wild animals for what they really are. The disguises are very real, but they can’t hide the truth about these impostors who are representing themselves as just “hunters”.


--Marlin O. Wallace



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