August 3, 2021
Barbaric Killing of Alligators

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    A TV program called “Swamp People” aired on the 2nd day of August, 2021, and it showed people killing alligators with guns. Shrimpers, catfish fishermen and ranchers had decided to kill as many alligators as they could. Their excuse for this sadistic killing was that alligators were interfering with their money making projects. In essence, these swamp people were practicing selective genocide against alligators in the swamps of Louisiana.
     From what I saw on TV, the “swamp people” are among the most degenerate members of the human race. The TV program showed how these people had little or no respect for nature or even life itself. Careless assassins were rejoicing over killing alligators with guns. In their selfish vengeful pursuit of blood and glory, it is obvious these degenerates never considered looking at the facts in a way that didn’t suit their fancy. In the TV program, I noticed how obsessed they were to kill every last alligator they could find. They would go through all the remote places in the swamp just to scout out one alligator. These cowardly animal assassins are hiding behind their guns and the law; they should never have been allowed to commit vicious crimes against nature.
     For millions of years, alligators ruled the swamps; they were here long before these puny humans ever came along. Only by using guns and other deadly weapons can these cowardly human intruders ever claim the territory of alligators. It’s certainly not a “fair” fight between irresponsible people and alligators. On one side, you have a prehistoric animal that only wants to be left alone but is constantly tracked down and killed by a furtive and treacherous enemy. On the other side, you have a cowardly killer who can only win in a confrontation by using guns and other deadly weapons. Outnumbered and outgunned, alligators have somehow managed to survive in a world dominated by kill-crazed humans.


    The corrupted wildlife agencies and government have played a role in the barbaric killing of alligators; they have wholeheartedly endorsed the unnecessary killing of wild animals for sport. The swamp people and other assassins of alligators have used the law to hide behind in their atrocious crimes against nature. The people who should be responsible for protecting wildlife have turned a blind eye to all kinds of corruption in the hunting industry. Over a period of many generations, the American people were gradually becoming more respectable of wildlife, but in 1919, the Communist Party USA was established in Chicago, and this reversed any progress that was made in the humane treatment of wild animals. Today, the needless killing of wild animals for sport has become a major business for the communist infiltrated wildlife agencies.
     There will be no justice for alligators and other wild animals until the wildlife laws of America are changed. Too many young people are not being trained to live in harmony with nature; they are being taught to needlessly kill animals with guns and other deadly weapons. This lack of respect for nature has come about through false religions and later through the brainwashing indoctrination of communism. Today, instead of progressing to a more humane and civilized society, the human race is regressing into a state of sadistic barbarism.

--Marlin O. Wallace




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