December 13, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    Humane societies are supposed to protect animals from unjust cruelty, but they are completely oblivious to the horrendous crimes that hunters are committing unnecessarily against wild animals. Too many animals have become extinct because of people who call themselves hunters.
    The antiquated hunting laws of America were written only for the benefit of hunters. The conservation departments have tried to keep certain kinds of animals reproducing so hunters will always have more animals to kill.
    There is a lot wrong with a nation that allows people to legally maim and kill wild animals for the sport of killing. Virtually anybody in America can buy a “hunting license” and participate in the needless slaughter of wild animals. The money from the hunting licenses goes to pay the salaries of people who are not adequately protecting wildlife.
    There are many excuses about why people kill wild animals. Most hunters don’t need the meat because there are plenty of domestic animals in America that provide ample food sources. Sports and trophy hunters are killing animals for their thrill of killing. The excuse of killing wild animals to control overpopulations is a radical and unnecessary practice since animals can be relocated. The overpopulation of wild animals is primarily a “man-made” problem. People killed off the wolves, cougars and other predators causing many prey animals to overpopulate.





    The corrupted sports industry is promoting hunting and associating it with outdoor recreational living, which is influencing many young people to become sports hunters. Irresponsible people who needlessly kill wild animals may think their actions are normal and acceptable, but they are committing crimes against nature.
    The wildlife agencies of America together with the federal government have created a negligent system that is devoid of any legitimate concerns for the welfare of wild animals. For example, there is an “off season” for hunting certain kinds of animals, but this is only for allowing animals to reproduce more of their kind for more hunters to kill.
    Logically, there is only one right way to correct the mistakes that people have made in the treatment of wild animals. The unnecessary killing of wild animals should be outlawed. Wildlife preserves should be established that are fenced to keep the animals in and the people out. The preserves should contain both prey and predator animals that are protected from hunters. All the deer and other wild animals that are under attack by hunters should be “live trapped” and placed in the preserves.
    People have a lot of making up to do in their treatment of wild animals. Throughout the history of humanity, people have transgressed against their close animal relatives. Biologically, spiritually and every other way, all animals, including mankind, share a common evolutionary ancestry.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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