March 14, 2020
Biological Warfare

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Is the coronavirus, COVID-19, a biological weapon of war? Have the Communist scientists in Wuhan, China unleashed a killer virus against humanity? For all those people who know how the communists operate, it is not only possible but probable that the coronavirus came out of a test tube.
     The place of origin of the coronavirus is Wuhan, China, the same place where communist scientists have been conducting secret experiments in a laboratory. The coronavirus could have accidentally escaped from the laboratory. Chinese leaders have been very secretive about what is really happening in Wuhan; they have refused to allow foreigners to enter their country to help fight the virus.





    Gathering facts about the communist conspiracy is difficult because of deceptive lies and extreme secrecy. The cover-ups of communist crimes can sometimes be recognized by what information is withheld from people. Biological warfare has evolved to the point of combining deadly pathogens with highly contagious respiratory viruses.
     It might seem ludicrous to believe the communists would resort to biological warfare when they could kill millions of people with undetectable lasers and other kinds of radiation attacks. The reason for this contrasting difference of operation is “diversity”. The communists have perpetrated all kinds of crimes against people. No crime is too insignificant or too heinous for the communists to commit. Biological weapons are a part of the communist arsenal.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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