October 28, 2021


©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

     Traffic jams, pollution and ghetto slums are all part of the blight of cities. Unequivocally, cities are restrictive kinds of dead zones on the surface of the earth. To a true naturalist, the buildings of cities stand like grave markers depicting man-made deserts where once exuberant forms of life existed.
   Look at any city and see the destruction of the environment. If you are observant you will notice how cities tend to keep growing with sprawling suburbs that continue eating up more land. As you view the congested overcrowded habitats of humanity, be aware of the red flag warnings of human overpopulation.
     People don’t have to see the ghetto slums of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil or Calcutta, India to know the impending catastrophe of human overpopulation. The whole world is rapidly becoming one big garbage dump with overcrowded conditions of people living in the squalor of poverty. Cities serve as stark warnings of what is actually happening all over the world.


     Many cities are growing together. In the northeastern United States whole clusters of cities have combined to form an enormous mega city. The out of control growth of cities will continue as long as the exploding human population continues unabated.
     An incredible amount of land is being covered by asphalt and concrete in the construction of highways, streets, shopping centers, commercial buildings and homes. Detrimental materials are being extracted from the earth that are being used to defile and contaminate the earth’s surface.
     Some people look on the destruction of the environment as “progress” when ground is broken for new constructions in cities, but in the long run, what is lost is far greater than what is gained. Every day, the natural landscapes of the world are shrinking from human overpopulation and occupation. The continuing loss of land is being largely ignored, but inevitably the human race will run out of time and space.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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