October 18, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    The unnecessary killing of wild animals is a heinous crime against nature. This kind of killing is made legal by the antiquated laws and the corrupted conservation departments. The values of the majority of people have become so distorted by the traditions of overkill that they are unmindful of the crimes being committed against wild animals.
    When it comes to cruelty to animals, the humane societies have drawn a line of discrimination between wild animals and domestic animals such as cats and dogs. The humane societies have turned a blind eye to the unnecessary suffering, pain and death being inflicted upon wild animals by sadistic people.
    Under the jurisdiction and control of the conservation departments, thousands of square miles of original wild animal habitats have been converted into “killing fields” where no wild animals are safe from hunters. This infamous death zone extends into such far-flung places as Canada and Alaska.
    The bloody traditions of overkill have taken a monumental toll on wild animals. Far too many animals have become extinct because of hunters and fishermen. The “hand-me-down” information that sports hunters and trophy hunters impart to their children has kept the traditions of overkill going throughout the history of mankind.
    To stop the senseless killing, the distorted beliefs of the past must be eliminated. Young people pattern after their elders and if people grow up believing untrue and distorted ideas, they will have distorted values. It may take a long lifetime for such people to finally wake up to the true facts and disregard the false teachings of their elders.
    Many people have failed to empathize with wild animals. Whether it is a fish struggling against a hook and line or a bear that is riddled with bullets or arrows, wild animals feel pain and suffer death just like people, and in reality, the crimes that are committed against animals are just as heinous as any crimes that are committed against people. Senseless and sadistic traditions of overkill, ranging from the “sharkfest” in New England to the “rattlesnake hunts” in Texas, only demonstrates the utter ignorance and destructive nature of a lot of people.


    For long periods of time in the history of humanity, uncivilized savages were killing huge numbers of wild animals with no regards for preserving nature or protecting wild animals. The bloody traditions of overkill began with the invention of deadly weapons. At that time, many religions and superstitions became prevalent.
    The belief that mankind is somehow godlier than all of the other animals has made many people believe they are afforded some kind of amnesty for their crimes against nature. The people who legislate the laws regarding wild animals have been imbued with the same deceptive belief, and it has given them a false sense of superiority over other forms of life; consciously or unconsciously, this belief has caused many people to disrespect the rights of other animals.
    Many people in the corrupted sports industry have tried to glamorize the maiming and killing of wild animals; they have featured TV shows showing the killing up close and have tried to associate “outdoors” recreation with hunting and fishing.     The sports people have made no attempts to describe the pain and suffering of wild animals caused by hunters and fishermen.
    The conservation departments are selling hunting licenses to finance their encroachment upon the animal kingdom; they are only promoting the production of wild animals for hunters and fishermen to kill.
    Civilized people acknowledge that wild animals have rights. It is the uncivilized and sadistic members of the human race who are committing the unnecessary violence against wild animals. It is the responsibility of knowledgeable people to fight for wild animal rights by organizing against the unrestrained killers who deliberately and unnecessarily kill wild animals.



--Marlin O. Wallace


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