January 4, 2021


©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

      Huge amounts of carbon dioxide are accumulating in the atmosphere high above the earth, causing catastrophic destruction down here below. A mantle of greenhouse gases is boxing in the heat of the earth, causing temperatures to rise to dangerous levels. As a result of mankind’s poisoning of the atmosphere, the earth is being ravaged by floods and droughts.
      There are no legitimate excuses for man-made climate change. Scientists have been warning people about pollution causing climate change for decades. While America, Russia, China and other countries have been engaged in space travel and stockpiling weapons of war, the crisis of climate change has grown steadily worse.
      It will require a global effort to clean up the atmosphere by preventing the burning of fossil fuels. The biggest polluters are China, India, America and European countries. At a time when the world is experiencing a pandemic and political upheaval, new attention is now being focused on what’s happening to the climate. It is obvious world leaders have dropped the ball on protecting the environment. The facts are indisputable; glaciers are melting and oceans are rising, forest fires are destroying millions of acres, floods and droughts are becoming increasingly more severe.
      A major setback in eliminating man-made climate change has been the people who have tried to act like lobbyists for the big oil companies. These deceptive people have lied about the proven facts of climate change. It has become a political issue. President Trump walked out on the Paris Climate Change Committee, showing his complete lack of knowledge about the subject.


    America has spent billions of dollars on space travel but has neglected to protect the environment. A nation that can put a man on the moon can surely eliminate the climate crisis. The problem is, the Federal Government has been pursuing the wrong goals. Any comprehensive plan to eliminate man-made climate change should include not only stopping the burning of fossil fuels, but should also be involved in the removal of excessive greenhouse gases that are already in the atmosphere. Filtering machines should be used that can destroy or store the polluting gases.
      Climate change is destroying all kinds of natural ecosystems in the world. Plants and animals do not have time to adjust to rapidly changing conditions. In the past, climate changes occurred over long periods of time, allowing life forms to slowly evolve survival techniques. Abrupt changes in the climate are causing the extinction of many kinds of plants and animals.
      At this age in the history of the world, the ice packs and glaciers should not be melting at the poles. According to the natural cycles of nature, all the pattern changes in the weather should be extended over long periods of time. The abrupt and violent changes in today’s weather should be a warning to everyone that mankind is radically upsetting the balance of nature.
      To make the atmosphere pristine again like it was before the Industrial Revolution of 1750, people are going to have to work diligently together to stop poisoning the earth and atmosphere. At this time, snow and ice should stay in the Arctic and Antarctic, and when mankind carelessly destroys the natural order of things, it is a crime against both God and Nature.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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