April 30, 2022

China’s Role in the Climate Crisis

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    China is making the climate crisis much worse by continuing to pollute the atmosphere with huge amounts of carbon. Recently, communist leaders began promoting the burning of more coal in the Urumqi Thermo Power Plant in western China. Irresponsible action by China is jeopardizing all of the global plans to successfully eliminate climate change.
    The communists have refused to agree to any kind of carbon emission commitments. While China has created extensive solar and wind farms along with electric vehicle manufacturers, this does not make up for its disastrous role in causing climate change. China emits more carbon than all the other countries combined.
    The global outlook in eliminating climate change has been pessimistic because of corrupted politicians. The big oil companies, including Exxon Mobile and others, have spread doubt and misinformation about climate change, and for a long time no new laws were legislated on carbon pollution.
    From 2000 to after 2016, oil officials were manipulating vulnerable politicians like Bush and Trump in the Republican Party. By the time the true facts were recognized by the general public, it was too late to prevent the catastrophe of climate change.





    Until rogue nations like China and India stop their carbon pollution, the rest of the world will be in imminent and growing danger. It is going to take a worldwide effort by people to clean up the carbon pollution of the planet. The human race is rapidly running out of time to save the environment from irreparable damage.
    Corrupted leaders and politicians have misled people for too long. Both Communist and Democratic nations have to come to an agreement on eliminating carbon emissions from fossil fuels before any lasting progress can be made. This is a catastrophe that is affecting everybody.
    The general population has left it up to politicians to control the laws that govern the environment, and too often politicians have placed the love of money over protecting the environment. The general public consists of people who have no say in how big oil companies are run and know nothing about how the government regulates these companies. Since common ordinary people are powerless in controlling organizations that are dealing with the environment, including logging and construction companies of all kinds, it is urgently important to have honest and competent people who will protect the environment.
    Communist and Democratic countries will have to come to an agreement on preventing carbon pollution before any progress can be made. The climate crisis is not only threatening to destroy millions of ecosystems, but it is also threatening to annihilate the human race in many different ways.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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