November 15, 2021

Climate Change

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    China spews more carbon into the air than all the other countries combined. The communists have shown no intention of even trying to reduce their horrendous carbon emissions. The United States is the second worst polluter and is failing to take positive action to prevent climate change. India is the third worse polluter and can't give up its addiction to burning coal.
    Little or nothing has been done to stop the catastrophe of climate change. Every year, all around the world, floods and droughts continue to ravage the environment. The majority of people look to their government to save them from deadly weather, but ultimately their government is failing them in the worst kind of way.
    Here in America, corrupted politicians are deliberately misleading people about what is being done to fight climate change. The focus of the federal government has not been on protecting the environment and preventing global warming - the focus has been on creating a kind of totalitarian government that has complete control over the lives of people. If the money that has been wasted on human surveillance technology had been spent on the environment, the climate crisis probably could have been solved.
    Biden and other politicians in the government talk a lot about how they are going to cope with climate change, but there is a subtle kind of coverup surrounding the whole subject of global warming. The coverup involves all the mistakes the government is making by not fighting climate change the right ways.


    One monumental mistake of corrupted politicians has been to allow out of control logging companies to destroy forests in the United States and Canada. Trees absorb carbon and are important in controlling climate change. Just because a region is remote and out of the minds of most people does not mean the trees are any less valuable; it can be an island like the Prince of Wales Island in Alaska where a logging camp is established.
    National Forests in the United States are controlled by the federal government, and authorities are allowing out of control logging companies to decimate the environment by excessive logging. The same scenario is occurring in Canada.
    Anyone can see how the rogue loggers operate just by watching the TV program "Ax Man". After the loggers cut down all the trees there are only barren and vulnerable landscapes left. All these logging companies participate in a competition contest to see which one can cut the most wood in a certain amount of time. The so-called winner is called "The King of the Mountain". This game playing seems preposterous in view of the destruction that loggers are doing to the environment. Climate Change will continue to get worse until appropriate action is taken to prevent it.

--Marlin O. Wallace




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