December 29, 2022

Communist Radiation Attacks

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    No one is safe from Communist Radiation Attacks. The “Space Program” has been fraudulently represented to the American people by the Federal Government. American citizens have not been officially warned about the imminent and omnipresent dangers of radiation attacks that are being launched from satellites. Laser guns are secret weapons that can penetrate buildings and kill people without leaving a trace.
    The communist “cover up” is obvious. All the government officials of communist nations already know about how laser guns and other radiation weapons are being used on people. American citizens are being deliberately kept in the dark about the true facts. Only the testimony of people who have actually been victimized by the communists has exposed the full extent of the communist conspiracy.
    I am an individual who has been tortured with communist radiation attacks for many years. The torture began in 1961. At first, there were only sporadic attacks, and I could not figure out the source of the trouble. By the 1970s, the attacks increased dramatically, and I suspected all the attacks were coming from an outside source. I got checked out by a lot of doctors who stated that they could find no cause for the attacks. At that time, I began experimenting with various materials and discovered I could stop some kinds of laser attacks with an ordinary piece of ceramic. After confirming the attacks were from an outside source, it soon became apparent that I was being targeted by the reds.


    I contacted the local police department and tried to get protection from the crimes that were being perpetrated against me. The police told me it was the FBI’s job to investigate the attacks I was getting. I went to the FBI and US Marshals but they refused to investigate my charges of persecution and torture. Many times over, I have proven conclusively there is no legal protection against radiation attacks in America.
    The effects of different kinds of radiation attacks can emulate a lot of medical disorders. Some lasers can hit the brain, causing paralysis with numbness in the back of the head. “Twitch Attacks” are caused when short bursts of radiation hit the motor center in the back of the head, causing the head and body to jerk involuntarily. Different kinds of radiation attacks can cause constantly aching pain like in arthritis, burning pain, short sharp pain and severe pain.
    I have been relentlessly tortured by a cowardly and treacherous enemy that can not exist without a conspiracy. The majority of American people do not know what communism is and have no idea of how barbarically uncivilized and sadistic communists are.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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