November 14, 2022

The Communist Space Program

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    There is indisputable proof that the communists are using laser guns on US citizens. The Federal Government has kept all information about the criminally offensive part of the space program a top secret. The communist officials in the space program, including officials in Russia and China all know about this secret war that is being waged from space.
    Patriotic American citizens and other largely unsuspecting people of the world are being kept in complete ignorance about the omnipresent danger of laser guns that can maim and kill people without leaving a trace. People around the world should have been informed about the secret communist space war many decades ago. The technology that makes it possible for the communists to maim and kill people in their homes with penetrating lasers dates back to at least 1961.
    Communist infiltrators in the government have refused to inform American citizens about the dangers they are living under; also being kept secret are all those individuals that have been targeted with radiation weapons. The information being stated here is not being revealed to scare people into hysteria; it is being revealed to expose the truth about how the communists are waging a secret war from space.



    This information is not coming from communist infiltrators who control the government. The people who have been victimized by the communists are the only reliable source of the truth. I am one of many individuals who have been targeted by the communists. I have been tortured with radiation attacks by the communists, and I have also endured persecution and harassment by them.
    I realize how difficult it is for many victims of communist crimes to come forth and prove their case against the reds, but I have carefully collected and documented pertinent evidence of communist persecution and torture. I am angry and frustrated about a cowardly enemy that will not leave me alone, an enemy that is creating havoc around the world for millions of people.
    It is pathetically obvious how disorganized the American people are when it comes to fighting communism. Too many people who are supposedly patriotic will not organize against a common enemy. Many Americans have allowed themselves to become brainwashed by communist lies and propaganda. The true facts about the communist controlled space program should be a wake up call for people everywhere.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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