September 21, 2019

Communist Torture

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    Most victims of the communists never know who their real enemy is, but I’m someone who found out the truth about how the communists operate. My name is Marlin Oliver Wallace, and I want to inform people about how I’ve been viciously tortured by the communists.
    For over twenty years, the reds tortured me with lasers and other kinds of radiation attacks. I was being targeted while I was in my own home here in America. I was being systematically and continuously hit with lasers that penetrated the house I resided in. There was nothing legally I could do to stop the attacks. The communist infiltrated FBI and other law enforcement agencies refused to investigate my charges of communist torture and persecution.
    During the 1970s, the reds were torturing me day and night. I was hit with the laser attacks when I was trying to sleep at night and while I was working at jobs in the day. Years later, the reds substantially reduced the number of attacks.
    It took a long time before I found out what was causing the laser attacks. In the beginning, there were few attacks. I took a lot of tests, including a “brainwave test” which showed no brain damage. After experimenting with different kinds of materials, I discovered that I could stop some kinds of radiation attacks with an ordinary piece of ceramic.
    There has been a lot of published information about the “beneficial” uses of lasers, but little or nothing has been revealed about the detrimental uses of lasers. It is a common practice to use lasers to remove cataracts. In this procedure, a sound wave is sent through healthy tissues and then converted into an electric current to remove the cataracts. The same kind of formula is used when the reds are torturing me in my house. After preliminary radar probes are used to find my location, sound waves are sent through the walls and other structures of my house and then converted into electric currents.


    The sadistic torture that the reds have inflicted on me has been accompanied by a lot of harassment and persecution. As to why the reds have targeted me in the first place, I believe they are trying to drive me insane and cause me to commit violent crimes; they could also be experimenting on me.
    Most people don’t know how far the reds will go to destroy the willpower and sanity of an individual. I’ve been targeted in many different ways. According to the evidence, the reds have even killed animals with radiation attacks in their efforts to cause me stress and depression. These criminals always try to destroy the things that their victims value the most.
    The signs and symptoms of the communist takeover are unrecognized by a lot of people. The reds have “brainwashed” the American people for decades. Most people are not familiar with “psychological warfare”, but it’s being waged against unprepared and unsuspecting American citizens.
    Too many people have been deceived by the “space” program. The reds have used space technology to enslave people. There are communist satellites circling the earth that are armed with laser guns that can penetrate houses and kill people without leaving a trace.
    There has been a lot of confusion about what Communism really is, and too many people are accepting tyranny and oppression as part of Socialism. Communism is no better than Nazism, but it is a lot more deceptive. The cold facts about communist murderers are well documented. The reds have killed more people than any other ideological force in the history of the world.

--Marlin O. Wallace


©1955-©2019 Marlin Wallace. All Rights Reserved. B.M.I.