May 19, 2012

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 1)

"Communist Subversion of Music"

    The reds have tried to "brainwash" people by subverting music. What you hear is not always what it seems to be when you listen to a lot of music on radio and T.V.. You may not recognize the telltale signs of communist subversion in music when you hear it.
    Ever since the Communist Party U.S.A. was established in Chicago in 1919, there has been a diabolical effort by the communists to infiltrate the entertainment media in order to deceive people and exert "mind-control" over the masses by distorting musical values and creating false impressions.
    The reds have used the terms "outsider music" and "mainstream music" in their attempt to create trends and fads in music. In reality, the communists try to control what people think, hear and buy. Thru their campaigns of biased promotions, the reds promote certain entertainers and suppress others. By monopolizing the communication media, the reds are trying to smother out competition while saturating the public with the kinds of music they are trying to get people addicted to.
    Many people have underestimated the spiritual value of music and are unaware that millions of American youth are being diabolically "brainwashed" by the kinds of music that the reds are forcing on the public.
    At this point, you may be wondering what can be done about the communist subversion of music in America. As a matter of fact, there is something every concerned person can do to counteract the communists: don't support their conspiracy. Don't buy their tainted music! Don't allow your children to become brainwashed by the communists!


      The reds capitalize on brainwashing people thru mass indoctrination and mind control. By means of the communication media, which includes radio and TV, the reds try to steer people into certain "molds" of conformity. This regimented kind of thinking includes the types of music that the reds are predominately promoting.
    There are a lot of positive actions people can take to combat communism in America. For one thing, support those people who are "exposing" the crimes of the communists. Don't believe all of the phony promotional talk that you hear. Make up your own mind. Don't be like sheep being led to the slaughter thru the enslaving brainwashing schemes of the communists. Music is like food to the soul; poisoned music will make you spiritually sick!
    Thru my own experience, I can inform and enlighten people about what is really going on here in America today. I have studied the whole history of communism, and I know how it evolved from being called "the reds" to "Fabian Socialism".     Also, I know how it relates to its appendages in the music business, which can be as well-known as "payola" or as subtle as subversive "staff writers" who pilfer material from people thru clandestine "spying".
    When I started The Corillions music organization, I made sure that there would never be any kind of communist subversion of my music and songs. As part of the bylaws of the company, I would be the only writer of all the music and songs that could be published, recorded or promoted under the name of The Corillions.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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