January 4, 2013

Exposing the Communist Conspiracy
(Part 3)

"Psychological Warfare"

    Millions of unsuspecting American citizens have no idea that a secret and deadly one-sided war is being waged in the streets, in the schools and in virtually every strata of society in this nation. There are no official statistics kept on the casualties of this war, and most victims never know who their “real” enemy is. In spite of the almost impenetrable secrecy surrounding the facts of “psychological warfare”, enough of the truth has emerged to prove that there is a diabolical conspiracy to pit Americans against Americans.
    Of all the mass killings in this country, there has been little or no mention of psychological warfare by the news media. In fact, there has been no official warning about communist infiltration in this nation and the dangers that this poses to citizens. Pertinent information about communism and psychological warfare has been conspicuously left untold, and this indicates some kind of a “cover-up”.
    The first victims of psychological warfare are the people who are harassed, intimidated and oppressed. The second group of victims consists of the people who the first victims take their frustration out on. It is a simple but deadly recipe for death and destruction. An old Chinese proverb best explains the formula: “the wounded man delights in wounding others”.
    Many people can be driven to the “breaking-point” thru continuing harassment and oppression. Usually, the bottled-up stress and repression is released thru some kind of planned and organized way in order to accommodate any delusions of revenge or retribution a person may have. With human nature being what it is, the end result of psychological warfare is very predictable. The communists selectively pick their initial victims. People who are loners with adjustment problems, and people who are prone to violence are prime candidates to become targeted by the reds.
    The reds have long boasted they would destroy America without firing a shot (and this is being done by turning people against each other). It is appallingly tragic that so many people find it hard to believe that there is an organization out there that will secretly harass, persecute, torture and drive an individual into violence. This is fact not fiction, and the scope of psychological warfare reaches across all ethnic, racial and religious lines..


      For decades, the American people have been “brainwashed” thru the news media, the government and other organizations that have been infiltrated by the communists. It has all been part of the red “master plan” of divide and conquer. This kind of communist infiltration has been taking place all over the world for a long time.
    I know all about psychological warfare and the crimes that the reds have perpetrated against humanity. At this time, I am in the process of writing a book describing the harassment and torture tactics of the communists. For years, I’ve been targeted by this subversive enemy right here in America.
    The invisible slavery of communism in this country only becomes apparent after a breakdown in law and order. As one of those people who’ve had their rights violated by the reds, I have never been able to find any justice thru any of the law enforcement agencies. Local police departments have told me that it’s not their job to fight communism and say that it is the FBI’s job. The FBI has refused to investigate my charges of communist harassment and torture. It is obvious that all of the law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated by the reds.
    Psychological warfare is carried out thru a planned conspiracy of harassment. Often a designated victim will be surrounded by “concealed” communist agitators who will harass that individual in different ways. By creating continuing stress, anxiety and anger, the reds can destroy the willpower and self-control of an individual, often driving that person into violence.
    Deception is what makes psychological warfare so hard to recognize. The communists lie and deceive people thru their brainwashing techniques. A targeted individual can be dealing with concealed communists in every aspect of their lives and not know it. In all kinds of relationships, including marriage, a targeted individual can be deceived by a concealed communist partner.
    Before any effective counter measures can be taken against the reds, people have to understand how communism really works. If the honest people will organize and work together, there is hope for the future. At this time, the majority of people in America have failed to recognize the enemy “within” and have yet to understand and come to grips with the grave reality of psychological warfare.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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