April 12, 2020
Coronavirus Crisis

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    The pandemic of the coronavirus has momentarily shutdown much of the human race. People all over the world are in unprecedented turmoil and are anxiously trying to get back to their normal routine. Unfortunately, the “normal” activities of the human race will be to continue destroying the earth with worldwide pollution, climate change, human overpopulation and all the other man-made catastrophes.
     In this major slowdown, it should be a time when people rethink the validity of their endeavors. Going back to work should not be business as usual. People have been carelessly destroying the environment for too long and should drastically change the way they have been living their lives.





    The virus is only a harbinger of worse things to come. Over time, the disease will pass away, but the escalating man-made destruction of the earth will continue. Whether the coronavirus covid-19 came out of a test tube or not, it has profoundly awakened people to the perilous times they’re living in. The virus is another dire warning for people to reverse their one-way path of destruction.
     Incompetent world leaders have not had the wisdom to foresee and prevent man-made catastrophes. The values of people have been distorted by false religions and bad traditions. The only true salvation of the human race is for people to live in harmony with the natural laws of nature. The most cardinal sin of all is when people carelessly destroy God’s creations in nature.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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