May 21, 2020
Corrupted Wildlife Agencies

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Conservation Departments are notorious for their lack of concern for the welfare of wild animals. These organizations are a lot more involved with the appeasement of hunters than the needs of animals. Many people have petitioned against the needless slaughter of animals for sport, but the corrupted hunter industry and wildlife agencies have refused to allow the majority of people to change the wildlife laws to protect wild animals from needless slaughter.
     Sadistic and needless animal slaughter is happening all over America. The traditions of overkill are being kept alive by degenerates who have often been brainwashed by the hunter industry. The killing of wild animals for sport has become a lucrative business in America. Money from hunting licenses is paving the way for more despicable killings of wildlife. People like Buck McNeely have made a business out of needless animal slaughter.
     The Missouri Conservation Department was formed in 1937. Since that time, it has directed its main focus on appeasing hunters and fishermen. The black bears of Missouri were killed off a long time ago, but recently the Conservation Department imported black bears from other states. These bears were only propagated for needless slaughter by hunters. At this time, the Conservation Department is setting up a date for “bear hunting” in Missouri.


    The degenerates in the Conservation Department are trying to create new killing fields in Missouri like the killing fields in New Jersey and Alaska. In New Jersey, every year hundreds of barbaric hunters with bows and arrows and firearms track down and kill every black bear they can find. Many people have voiced opposition to this animal slaughter, but the corrupted politics of New Jersey have prevented the majority of people from saving the bears.
     There is a connection between the Communist Party USA, which was established in 1919 in Chicago, and the establishment of the Conservation Department in Missouri in 1937. The barbaric killing of wild animals for sport has been extensively promoted by the Communists.

--Marlin O. Wallace






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