July 24, 2021

COVID-19 Cover-up

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

      Americans are waking up to the true facts behind the Covid-19 Pandemic. The cover-up has been well camouflaged, but the real facts are beginning to emerge. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the “National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases”, has been accused of financing the coronavirus research in Wuhan, China; his organization has contributed millions of dollars to the EcoHealth Alliance, a group which gave at least $600,000 to the Communist coronavirus researchers in Wuhan, China.
      Fauci’s support of the Chinese Communists is reflected in his statement of “we can trust Chinese scientists”. The experimental results of these scientists are revealed in what one of their comrades stated. “Bat Lady”, Dr. Shi Zhengli wrote in 2017 that she took two bat coronavirus genes and “combined them with a SARS-related backbone to create new viruses that are not found in nature.”



      Many people have been confused by the technical language that is used to describe pathology. For example, the term “gain-of-function” is about the medical experiments that are done to change organisms or diseases to make them more virulent and deadly. Gain-of-function in the wrong hands is biological warfare. Subversive scientists have conducted life altering experiments with the pretense of finding possible cures for diseases that may arise in the future.
      As history has proven, people should never give Communists the benefit of the doubt. Biological warfare is only one part of the Communist arsenal. Many Americans, like millions of other people all over the world, have been brainwashed and misled by Communist propaganda. The facts speak for themselves, Communism represents slavery of the mind, body and soul.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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