February 24, 2019

Cowardly Animal Murderers

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    On February 23rd, 2019, a television program called “The Hunt” showed “bow and arrow” hunters killing alligators at night by using bright lights to blind them before killing them with their deadly weapons. Heavy lines were attached to arrows and when an alligator was impaled with an arrow, it was dragged to a boat. If the sadistic hunters were not sure an alligator was dead, they would often hammer a steel spike through its head. Most of these alligators were young and undersized.
    This animal massacre was being carried out right under the noses of so-called conservation agents and governmental agencies who openly endorsed it, making these crimes against nature “legal”. The whole business of sadistic hunters killing alligators for sport and for land owners and “animal farmers” to profit from it, should never have been allowed in the first place.
    In reality, these alligator killers are sadistic cowards hiding behind their bow and arrows and other deadly weapons; they are also hiding behind antiquated laws that legally allow them to commit their crimes against nature. A lot more can be said about these degenerates; they were doing a lot of laughing and carrying on with no regards for the animals they were so carelessly slaughtering.
    What kind of government allows kill-crazed degenerates to legally kill alligators and other wild animals just to satisfy their bloodlust? America has been a nation for almost 250 years (since 1776), and people should have become a lot more “civilized” in that time. The crimes that the pioneers of America committed against nature were usually blamed on ignorance and distorted religions, but today, there is no excuse for the crimes of these modern savages who use expensive equipment, including air-boats, guns and other accommodations and weapons.


    As of 2019, just who is controlling the United States of America? Who is running the White House? It is a well-known fact that the communists have been infiltrating and gaining control of America ever since the “communist party USA” was established in Chicago in 1919. The reds have done a poor job of running the government, and they have done a lot worse job managing wildlife and the environment. The corrupted conservation departments have been infiltrated by the communists, and they are promoting the needless killing of wild animals for sport.
    The pioneers of America are dead and gone, and they have been replaced by a new breed of sophisticated animal killer. The corrupted sports industry is promoting the wholesale slaughter of wild animals by advertising and selling guns, bow and arrows and camping equipment. People are literally being brainwashed into believing that killing innocent animals just to assuage their bloodlust is a normal and acceptable part of “outdoor living”.
    The majority of American people are against the animal murderers, but their voices are never heard. American citizens are not being given a choice about managing or protecting wildlife. Too many people have left managing wildlife up to the government and conservation departments, and this has been a major mistake. Governmental and conservation agencies are only for hunters not wildlife.
    All the legitimate wildlife organizations should come to the defense of wild animals that cannot defend themselves. Humane societies only protect pets like cats and dogs. Competent wildlife organizations need to take a stronger stand against the corrupted sports industry, which is spawning unrepentant, sadistic and cowardly animal murderers!

--Marlin O. Wallace


©1955-©2019 Marlin Wallace. All Rights Reserved. B.M.I.