November 6, 2018

Creating and Preserving

Natural Ecosystems

©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    With a growing population of over 7 billion people, the earth is being overrun by hordes of people who are carelessly destroying the environment. World leaders and corrupted politicians are disregarding the down-to-earth laws of nature; they are blindsided by their obsession with the miraculous inventions of science.
    The prognosis for the future of humanity is bleak and foreboding. It is all too obvious that people have “never got along” and never will. In spite of all the conflicting religions of the world, the arms races and wars are going to continue. Nothing about human nature is going to change! The only possible ray of hope for the salvation of this world is for politicians and warmongers to change their minds about one little thing and agree on it, and that is to set aside land and water resources for the creation and preservation of natural ecosystems for future generations of people and for the natural evolutionary processes of nature.
    This article is not referring to national parks, which are crisscrossed with trails and roads to accommodate flocks of tourists. All the national parks in the world are not nearly enough. This article is referring to the creation and preservation of natural ecosystems that are left alone by people where nature rules supreme. In a historical way, these places would be like “living museums” with direct links to the past.
    Surely, all the leaders of the world could take a momentary break from their arms races and think about all the things that are being lost every day and night in the ruthless plundering of the planet. Surely, each one of these leaders could reason that large regions of the world should be set aside and preserved for the benefit of future generations of people, including their own decedents.
    It would only be possible for modern civilization to exist side-by-side with the primeval blessings of nature if great care were taken to always keep these two different worlds apart; creating and preserving natural ecosystems is the only way of assuring this will happen.
    This plan of protecting nature can work worldwide because no nation would give up its sovereignty for donating resources for the preserves in their jurisdiction. America, Russia, China, North Korea, and other countries could continue their arms races and still agree to create and preserve natural ecosystems. In one form or another, most of the human race still respects and marvels nature.
    Instead of lamenting about the extinction of wild animals from man’s destruction of the planet, a revolutionary turn-around in the treatment of nature and the environment could become a reality. Elephants, tigers and all kinds of other animals don’t have to become extinct! All these animals can be saved just by giving them back their habitats and protecting them from hunters.


   It’s not right that one species of animal, mankind, can carelessly cause the extinction of so many other animals. Its high time to give wild animals back the space that people have stolen from them! This plan of creating and preserving natural ecosystems would assure the human race that there would always be places where there are living animals with close evolutionary links to the past.
    Even one person, depending on their financial ability and perseverance, can make a start on buying up land and water resources to establish a wildlife preserve. Hopefully, a lot of other people would realize the crisis wild animals are facing and would join in to help accomplish an important and worthwhile goal.
    Unfortunately, too many people have left protecting wildlife up to bureaucrats and conservation departments, and this is not working. Conservation departments are only for hunters – not for wild animals, bureaucrats in the federal government, notably in the “senate”, voted to make it legal to kill “predators” in parks in Alaska. In another case, a sleazy bureaucrat named “Ryan Cinke”, who is the US interior secretary, tried to allow grizzly bear hunts near Yellowstone National Park. (Grizzly bears should always stay on the endangered species list.)
    Tons of money is being wasted on religious and charity organizations. Millions of people are being misled by unproven information about God and the spiritual world. “Do-Gooders” are trying to save all humanity but can’t save themselves. These people have some kind of “tunnel vision” excluding everything but the whims of other people! It’s time for people to get down to the basics of what is important and what is not. It’s important for people to always have a direct reference with the natural processes of nature, and only by creating, saving and protecting natural ecosystems can people have that reference.
    Human overpopulation is going to grow steadily worse and preparations should be done to counteract it. Even if every square foot of the earth is available for human habitation, people are still going to run out of ground. When people use up all of the available space, they are going to be entrapped in their own civilized squalor.
    It would be a lot wiser to set aside large regions to be protected from human settlement and exploitation than to wait for the inevitable annihilation that comes with human overpopulation. If people don’t make the necessary preparations, they’re going to be living in an environment that is unfit for man or beast; there will be no true wilderness, and all kinds of wildlife will be extinct. People are going to have to sacrifice and work diligently to recapture and protect the primeval benefits of nature.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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