May 4, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    Sadistic people are committing crimes against nature by maiming and killing animals for sport and trophies. There is a lot wrong with a nation that allows this bloody massacre to “legally” take place. It’s time for civilized people to take a stand against the barbaric killers and outlaw the unnecessary killing of wild animals.
    America has called itself the “land of the free”, but that’s a damn lie to all the wild members of the animal kingdom. The killing fields of this country are being soaked with the blood of innocent animals that never should have been killed. The people of America are leaving behind a legacy of barbaric and needless killing. It’s the tragic story of a nation that, in its rush to free its people, forgot about the wild animals here. It’s also a true documentary of a people who never fully became civilized and about a government that never lived up to its proclamations and expectations.
    The whole history of humanity has been tarnished with the bloodstains of animal torture and death at the hands of sadistic people. America is only another chapter in an infamous journal of the brutal and unnecessary killing of wild animals.



    Under the antiquated hunting laws of America, wild animals are facing death sentences just trying to outrun the bullets, arrows and other deadly weapons of ruthless killers. The humane societies only protect cats, dogs and other pets; there are no organizations that protect wild animals from being maimed and killed by hunters.
    It doesn’t take much imagination for people to visualize the pain, suffering and death that is being needlessly inflicted upon defenseless animals. The bullets and arrows that pierce the bodies of animals may only cause a slow and agonizing death. These animals feel pain just as much as people and biologically, they are closely related to people.
    America has never lived up to its ideals and should never be called the “land of the free” until its wild animals are free! Until the people become fully civilized and recognize the rights of wild animals, America will still be in the dark ages of animal cruelty, torture and death.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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