July 6, 2022

Crimes Against Sharks

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    A group of fishermen in Florida are declaring war on bull sharks because the sharks are catching more fish than they are. These degenerates are acting like a bunch of sore losers and are planning to start a “fishing tournament” to kill off enough sharks to allow the fishermen to catch more fish.
    Killing sharks should be against the law everywhere because sharks are endangered species and are important predators in ecosystems. The State of Florida has deplorable fishing regulations and should have already outlawed the killing of all species of sharks.
    The human race has offensively intruded in wildlife habitats all over the world. The seas have always been shark territory, but the majority of people think they are entitled to claim the oceans as their own home turf. Apathetic people have completely disregarded the rights of sharks and other animals of the seas.
    In 2017, members of the Australian Fishing Ministry were flocking to the seas with guns and fishing rods, and when they hooked a shark they shot it and dumped it back into the sea to die. All of this senseless killing was done just because the so-called authorities thought shark attacks were hurting their “tourist trade”.


    Instead of complaining about shark attacks and killing sharks, the authorities should construct shark barriers offshore to keep people and sharks apart. Barriers could be anchored where durable netting could be held in place by floats. People should not be allowed to make the oceans their playground at the expense of sharks and other marine animals.
    Sharks only attack and kill to survive; they have to eat to stay alive, but the majority of fishermen have no respect for the environment and are only concerned with their own selfish pursuits.
    People all over the world should demand the legislation of laws that will protect all species of sharks from both commercial and sports fishermen. The human race has caused the extinction of many thousands of different kinds of animals; how many more animals have to become extinct before the human race will become civilized enough to acknowledge its crimes against nature and stop its senseless killing?


--Marlin O. Wallace


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