November 28, 2022

Dead Zones Of Cities

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    Cities are man-made dead zones on the surface of the earth. Thousands of square miles of land are being covered over with the asphalt and concrete of streets, homes and commercial buildings in cities. All of the gardens, parks and nature centers of cities do not make up for their dead zones. The majority of people never think about how many wildlife habitats are being destroyed by expanding cities. Land that was once supporting a diversified ecosystem is being transformed into a sterile and empty environment.
    The encroachment and devastation of the natural environment is only being done by and for people. When there is no consideration by people for any other life forms in the environment, civilization will become a man-made death trap for all kinds of plants and animals. There is only a finite amount of space on this planet and people are covering it over.
    Dead zones are being created 24 hours a day by human construction all around the world. A lot of misinformed people are cutting ribbons and celebrating every construction project when they should be thinking about the deadly accumulative consequences of their intrusive actions.
    When the natural landscape is covered over with concrete and other building materials, it becomes a killing field for many forms of life. Anyone can see the careless man-made destruction of the environment just by observing the outskirts of any ordinary city. All the new roads, shopping centers, homes and buildings tell a grim story about the impending catastrophe of the future. The human race will soon run out of space and time.
    Overcrowded cities are rapidly expanding and covering huge regions of the world. In reality, the human race is overpopulating and literally crowding all other life forms off the face of the earth. The pertinent question is, will people reduce their runaway population thru birth control or will they be stopped with catastrophic results when their limit is reached?


    Human overpopulation and the proliferation of cities have come from delusional values of the human race. Instead of living by the laws of nature, people have tried to recreate the world in their own image. Remixing the elements of the earth has irreparably poisoned the environment.
    The red flags of warning are all easily identifiable with the man-made catastrophes that are occurring. Scientists are coming up with the obvious reasons for the destruction of the environment, but governments are doing little or nothing to address the catastrophes.
    People are destroying the environment at an accelerating rate. Too many old growth forests are being cut down just to furnish lumber for more cities to be built. Far too much valuable land is being paved over. Not enough attention is being focused on protecting the environment.
    Scientists and a lot of other people are concerned about the disappearance of many life forms, including insects and birds. The extinction of a growing number of plants and animals is directly related to the spread of cities across the face of the earth. The majority of people have been too absorbed in their own selfish indulgence to care about the destruction they are doing to the environment.
    Incompetent world leaders have failed to diffuse the population bomb. Corrupted politicians and government officials are not informing the public about the true dimensions and depth of the human overpopulation crisis. The environment is not going to be able to support the skyrocketing number people that are being born. Stringent and mandatory birth control laws will have to be implemented to save the human race from itself. Human overpopulation threatens the security, freedom and future of everyone.


--Marlin O. Wallace


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