August 10, 2021

Deception of Communism

©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    Revolutionary Communism, known also as Marxism and Scientific Socialism, is in reality, neither communism or socialism but is an oppressive ideology where a dictatorship establishes complete control over the lives of the people. Americans are being deceived by the word “socialism”. In today’s world, socialism is just another name for early communism. The political “left” tries to act like it is rendering great humanitarian services while undermining the government. The party is over when the so-called socialists take control of the government and people. In the end, the people wake up to find out there was never any socialism, and it was all a communist scam.
    The term “socialism” has been falsely applied to the two most oppressive beliefs known to mankind: Marxism and Nazism. Adolf Hitler called Nazism the “National Socialist German Workers Party”; Marxism has been called “Scientific Socialism”. The socialism part of early communism is subtle and soft spoken that seems innocent and docile, but in its later stages, the ruthless oppression of present-day communism sets in.


    The communist infiltration of the United States began in 1919 when the Communist Party USA was established in Chicago, IL. The political division of the Federal Government, the “Democrat Party” and the “Republican Party” have largely become entities of a faltering government.
    The promises of socialism are never supported by proven facts. Programs that are designed to help people in the beginning usually quickly destroy the creative initiative and individuality in people. Under the deceptive cloak of socialism, the weak prey on the strong which ultimately always drags down any society and nullifies the conception of freedom and liberty.
    The American people should be getting the answers to some important questions like: how far on the “left” is Joe Biden? How far on the “left” is Kamala Harris? Is Donald Trump legitimately on the “right”? Are these politicians subversively working with the communists in their global takeover?

--Marlin O. Wallace


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