February 27, 2020
Dirty Politics

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Donald John Trump has been called Putin’s “little puppet”. He has sided more with Russia than America. Trump has lied consistently about a lot of subjects and has pardoned convicted criminals. He has “fired” all kinds of government officials who opposed his policies. Trump calls himself an “environmentalist”, but he walked out on the “International Climate Change Committee”. He has never taken appropriate action to prevent pollution that causes climate change.
     Hillary Clinton, in her bid for the Presidency, indicated Trump was a bad “role model”. She revealed pictures of Trump’s sons showing off extravagant numbers of animals they had needlessly killed in sports hunting. Trump sides more with big oil and the NRA than he does with gun control lobbyists and the “green earth” people who are fighting pollution. He has made costly mistakes by abusing the environment. For example, he overturned President Obama’s executive order to protect the watershed of rivers. Trump extended the property lines of landowners to the middle of rivers; soon loggers began destroying the cover of riverbanks.







    Trump is using certain religious people to help him get reelected. He has been engaged in rallying against abortion when he should have been promoting birth control. Trump has bragged about improving the economy, but his tactics of destroying the environment for temporary financial gains will prove to be disastrous.
     Bernie Sanders is another questionable candidate. According to his speeches, Sanders thinks it is some kind of cardinal sin for anyone to be a “billionaire”. Sanders indicates he would take the money of a billionaire and divide it with all the poor people of America. Sanders is obviously against the “free enterprise system”. In reality, the only disgrace about being a billionaire is if it comes about through the deliberate oppression of other people, which is how communism works. Billionaires who make their money legally by their own efforts deserve their rewards. A billionaire like Mike Bloomberg could afford to accomplish a lot more worthwhile goals than candidates with less money.
     Voters should be aware that the whole political system has been saturated with communist infiltrators. People should still try to vote for candidates who have the values that qualify them to do the jobs expected of them. It would be a wise move on the part of all voters to pick candidates who are genuinely working to stop the devastation of worldwide pollution, climate change, the poisoning of the oceans, human overpopulation and starvation.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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