November 5, 2021


©2021 Marlin O. Wallace

    There is a lot of chaotic confusion in America today. People are arguing over politics and religion. Many people are afraid socialism is taking over America. At this late date, many people are waking up to what’s been happening in America ever since 1919 when the Communist Party USA was started in Chicago.
    Today, everything is out in the open more than ever before. The “socialists” have banded together trying to convince Americans that a totalitarian regime is better than a democratic government. Many people can’t decide which way to turn.
    In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans are trying to come to grips with the harsh reality that Covid-19 was deliberately engineered in a Chinese lab that was financed by Fauci and his American comrades. No doubt, the Covid-19 virus was deliberately spread as a biological weapon.
  Neither communism or capitalism is saving the environment from being destroyed by careless people. Man-made destruction of the planet is being carried out under the faulty leadership of incompetent world leaders. There is a rat race going on between Russia, China, The United States and other countries where leaders are trying to outdo each other in the space race and in the accumulation of weapons of war.
   Communism, Naziism and American democracy originally came from religion. Communism and Naziism are infamous for their crimes against humanity. Even American democracy has built-in weaknesses that make it incompatible with the laws of nature. The destructive and unpredictability of human nature has made it impossible for mankind to live in harmony with itself or nature. The human race has always been at war with itself. Because of false beliefs and bad politics, there has never been a suitable kind of government for mankind to live by on this planet.


     The religion of the white settlers of America didn’t teach them anything about how to manage the land and conserve resources; didn’t prevent them from committing genocide against the indians. The Constitution has no provisions for protecting the environment, does not recognize animal rights and is only about human relationships. The majority of American citizens have become so enamored with The Constitution that they have failed to see how easily the government of The United States has been infiltrated and controlled by the communists.
     The intellectual development of the human race was never accompanied by wisdom, and people became disoriented by their capacity to create destructive inventions. Truly civilized people do not destroy their own environment; truly civilized people do not needlessly kill animals for sport. Deceptive kinds of modern degenerates have come to dominate and control the human race.
     All the man-made catastrophes of the world could be eliminated if only people had the wisdom and foresight to agree on important issues. If there were competent world leaders they could devise a plan that could make the world a much more peaceful and inhabitable place for future generations.
     It would take over a thousand years for even a partial cleanup of the mess that humanity has created on the planet earth. First, the human population would have to be drastically reduced and kept at a low number with birth control; then all the unnecessary mechanical inventions would have to be eliminated. After a careful assessment of the environment and the human population, a balance of nature would be established that would ensure that the human race would never overextend its boundaries. Man-made catastrophes will have to be eliminated or the human race will implode upon itself.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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