February 6, 2020

Dog Breeders and Genetics

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    There are far too many deformed and maladjusted dogs that have come from unscrupulous dog breeders. Too many dogs have been bred just for their extraordinary appearances. When an animal can’t see clearly because of too much fur over its eyes, and when an animal wobbles instead of walking, it is obviously a “freak” of the animal kingdom.
     Out of all the categories of dogs represented in dog shows, the most pathetic and despicable are the “clown” dogs that were bred just for their unnatural and funny appearances; the obvious reason for their very existence is only for lighthearted human entertainment.
     What the majority of people don’t understand is that every one of these freak dogs is at a great disadvantage in just surviving. All the laws of evolution are being broken by people who are deliberately breeding these misfits of the animal world.


    Dogs have suffered atrocious abuse at the hands of people. The admirable trait of loyalty that once kept the wolf pack intact has been flagrantly betrayed by too many people. An even greater injustice and crime against nature has been the deliberate breeding of dogs to become humanized animal clowns that are only bred to make people laugh at deformity.
     For moral and physiological reasons, the breeding of all “clown” dogs should be outlawed and phased out. Any traits that impede normal bodily functions should not be allowed in the breeding of dogs. All experimentation in the mixing of genes should be outlawed. Evolution should determine what shape life takes on this planet. The human race wasn’t crafted in some man-made laboratory, and people should not have the right to commit crimes against nature by crafting new life forms.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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