November 30, 2020


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      The influences of distorted religious beliefs have permeated every level of human society. False values have been imbedded in governments for thousands of years. All of the prevailing ideologies of the world have a lot more in common than most people believe. The belief that “mankind can exploit the earth with impunity” is identifiable with Nazism, Communism and Capitalism. The reason for the similarities in governments is because they all have a common source in false religions. The connection between the beliefs of different nations is obvious. For example, Communism is infamous for its crimes against humanity, but when it comes to the abuse of animals, Capitalism is just as horrendous.
      The widespread abuse and needless killing of animals began with religious sacrifices. In the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, there are numerous accounts of senseless killings of animals for the atonement of sin. This utter disrespect and barbaric treatment of animals has carried over to modern times. With the invention of guns and other deadly weapons, the killing fields were expanded, and the traditions of overkill continued. Today, the subversive hunting industry and the conservation departments are promoting the needless slaughter of animals for sport.
      Misinterpretations of God have led the human race astray. There are all kinds of conflicting religions in the world based on unproven doctrines. In reality, God and the spiritual world are basically unknown. The purpose of this article is not to deny the existence of God but to expose religious myths.
      Too many religious people have let their emotions cloud their judgement. Praying to God evolved over thousands of years and has been an accepted emotional outlet for mankind. There is no question about the validity of the emotional feelings associated with God. Where all the confusion and deception lies is in the distorted beliefs that arise from people trying to communicate with God. There is no proven record of anyone ever seeing God or hearing God speak. Disillusioned prophets have told all kinds of stories about God where there are no proven facts.




    Logically, God would want people to honor his creations in nature. False prophets have tried to speak for God, and they have got it all wrong. Sermons about heaven and hell may sound legitimate, but they are the words of people – not God. The only logical way to know what God expects of the human race is to study his creations in nature. People are going to have to be held accountable for their sins against the environment. Directly or indirectly, the whole human race will have to carry the burden of guilt for all its crimes against nature.
      Many people have been confused about the commandments of Christianity and other religions. Essentially, these commandments pertain to human relationships. People can go by every commandment and still break God’s laws and commit crimes against nature. It is God’s laws of nature that determine the balance of ecosystems in this world.
      Historically, false religions have spread around the world through human migrations. The religious people who settled in America had no knowledge about how to manage the land and protect wildlife. As a result of the limitations of their religion, the majority of these people were extravagant killers who caused the extinction of many kinds of animals.
      The consequential results of false religions have been all kinds of man-made catastrophes, including world-wide pollution, climate change and poisoned oceans. The most ominous and overlooked catastrophe has been human overpopulation. At this time, there are over 7,259,891,370 people in the world. The environment cannot sustain the growing number of people being born. Birth control should be a top priority in every nation. Fertility clinics and surrogate mother operations should be outlawed. Religious organizations have wasted huge sums of money trying to correct conditions of poverty caused by human overpopulation.
      World leaders have not heeded the warning signs of impending disaster. Scientists have failed to stop man-made destruction of the environment. The human race can never learn to live in harmony with nature as long as people let distorted beliefs and superstitions control their lives. The natural laws of nature are God’s laws and can never be replaced by false religions.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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