October 17, 2018



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    His name is Blake Fischer, and until recently, he was an Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner. While he was employed by the wildlife agency, he made a trip to Namibia, a country in Africa, where he needlessly killed animals for sport. Fischer did a lot of bragging about his hunts and showed pictures of his kills, which included a whole family of baboons consisting of both adults and babies. Blake Fischer was killing wild animals just to assuage his bloodlust. A lot of public outrage caused Fischer to resign his post at the Fish and Game wildlife agency.
    Fischer stated: “I didn’t do anything illegal. I didn’t do anything unethical. I didn’t do anything immoral.” Obviously, Fischer has a lot of distorted beliefs and values. He has committed atrocious crimes against nature and still says he has done nothing unethical or immoral! Fischer recruited his wife, Beth, to become an accomplice in his crimes. In one email, Fischer stated that he and his wife shot at least 14 animals, including a waterbuck, an impala, a leopard, and sable antelope.




    When Fischer stated he didn’t do anything “illegal”, he meant his slaughter in Africa was legal. Africa has a notoriously bad record in animal slaughter. A lot of countries in Africa have few or no hunting laws and allow hunters to practice “overkill” just for the money. Too many Africans are selling their animals to the highest bidder. These people should be a lot more occupied with birth control and reducing the human population than in killing off all their wild animals! Trophy hunters are flocking to Africa and are having a disastrous effect on wild animal populations.
    There are too many out of control hunters like Blake Fischer. Generations of new sports hunters are being deliberately propagated all around the world. The corrupted sports industry has tried to popularize and glamourize the unnecessary killing of wild animals for sport. Bass Pro and other sporting goods stores are cashing in on the overflow of hunters and fishermen. Huge regions of the world are being transformed into killing fields where blood thirsty hunters are slaughtering all kinds of wild animals. The needless slaughter continues only because apathetic and complacent people allow it to happen.

--Marlin O. Wallace





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