February 15, 2023

Formula For Catastrophe

©2023 Marlin O. Wallace

    The human race has concocted the perfect formula for catastrophic destruction. There is a “rat race” going on between democratic and communist nations where weapons of war are being stockpiled and used. The ominous threat of nuclear war is real. Today, 2023, Russian missiles are raining down on cities in Ukraine killing thousands of people and leaving a no-man’s land of devastation. Aside from erupting wars, there are all kinds of other man-made catastrophes plaguing the human race.
    Instead of cleaning up the badly damaged environment, nations are competing against each other in trying to dominate the world with their brand of politics. Incompetent politicians are making false speeches about a rosy future that will never exist. The end result will be mass destruction and death. In reality, what good is freedom, democracy, communism or any other ideology in a world that is suffocated by human overpopulation, poisonous pollution and a completely destroyed environment?
    Because of human overpopulation, the mass production of all kinds of mechanical inventions are destroying the natural environment. There are an excessive number of motor vehicles, airplanes, satellites, rockets and other inventions being manufactured. The rat race between democratic and communist nations have made it impossible for nations to save the natural ecosystems of the earth.
    World leaders have misled the human race. It is the blind leading the blind. The values of people have been compromised by false religions and distorted traditions. The meaning of the word “progress” has come to mean mostly things relating to the conveniences of modern civilization. It never occurs to the majority of people that the human race could go too far in its obsession to modernize the world.


    According to the laws of nature, any animal can overpopulate and deplete the resources of its environment, and this includes people. The catastrophe of human overpopulation has been exacerbated by the innovations of science that have increased food supplies and protected people from diseases. At this time, there are 8,000,000,000 people on this planet, and that is billions of people too many. World leaders have not taken appropriate action to reduce human overpopulation through strict and mandatory birth control.
    In spite of all the religious doctrines that describe the divinity of humanity, people are inherently destructive. In fact, mankind, homo sapiens, is the most destructive species of the animal kingdom to ever inhabit the earth. People are destroying the world by trying to recreate it. Thousands of square miles of the earth’s surface are being covered over by the asphalt and concrete of roads, highways and cities to become dead zones.
    If world leaders could ever agree on proven facts and form a government that is based on obeying the laws of nature, there could be some kind of hope for the human race. In reality, it would take a “world government” to control the out of control human race. Democracy and Communism are not the answer for world peace. Conflicting religions will not save mankind and this planet. Only a government that is based on obeying God’s laws of nature will endure.

--Marlin O. Wallace




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