February 9, 2019

God and the Devil

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    God and the devil are part of man’s interpretation of the intangible spiritual world. All of the signs and wonders of the universe point to a creator or mastermind, but God and the spiritual realm are basically unknown. The distortion of religion began when people invented stories about good and evil from their perceptions of God and the world of the spirit.
    All of the righteous teachings of religion come from people not God. People have tried to interpret a world that is both invisible and intangible. Since the spiritual domain is unfathomable by mortal man, it is best not to try to interpret it. So-called prophets and men of God have started a lot of different kinds of religions just from their misguided interpretations of the spiritual world.
    All that people can understand is the tangible universe they live in. People have not been satisfied with the world God created and have tried to change it. People are carelessly destroying God’s precious creations in nature.




    Reverting back to living by the natural laws of nature is mankind’s only redemption and salvation. All the loose talk about being saved by the grace of God and living by righteous bylaws dreamed up by false prophets is not going to replace living by the natural laws of nature. The “word of God” is the word of people handed down from generation to generation.
    Instead of paying lip service in prayer meetings, people should be protecting and preserving God’s creations in nature. Instead of blindly following man-made church laws, people should be adhering to all the laws of nature. People should be acknowledging all their crimes against nature, including their destruction of the environment and the monumental catastrophe of human overpopulation.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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