December 29, 2019

God's Laws

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    The natural laws of nature have always been God’s sacred laws. Too many religions are only concerned with human relationships and violate the laws of nature. People have let “emotionalism” cloud and distort their beliefs about God and the spiritual world. False prophets have misled the human race with inaccurate teachings. Religious organizations have wasted huge sums of money that should have been spent on protecting the environment.
    Unless people make the laws of nature the top priority of their faith, they are committing “crimes of omission” against God. People can only honor God by respecting and protecting his creations in nature. Paying lip service to God in prayer and song is not going to save anything if people break the laws of nature.
    The Bible has been called the “Word of God”, but in reality, it is the word of man. There is no proof of God ever speaking or writing. Hand-me-down distorted information about God has drawn the attention of people away from God’s true and sacred laws of nature.
    People are inexorably bound to their environment, and they are carelessly destroying that environment. The consequential penalties of breaking the laws of nature are coming home to people all over the world. The horrors of climate change, worldwide pollution, human overpopulation and starvation are occurring because of man’s interference with nature.
    People have not been satisfied with the world God created, and they have tried to change it to suit their own image. Corrupted and incompetent world leaders are leading people down a one-way path of destruction. The ever-growing human overpopulation crisis is not being addressed with strict birth control, and the earth is being poisoned 24 hours a day with toxic materials that careless people are formulating.
    Distorted religious beliefs have prevented the majority of people from trying to live in harmony with nature. All the politics in the world have directly or indirectly come from religion, including Democracy, Communism and Nazism. The most damming of all the false religious teachings has been the belief that people are more “divine” than other animals and have the God-given right to plunder the world with impunity. The biggest mistake the human race ever made was disregarding the laws of nature, which are God’s laws.


    Before people can understand the crimes the human race has perpetrated against nature, they have to acknowledge the destructive side of humanity; people are proven destroyers. The majority of people have been indoctrinated with false values and simply excuse and alibi the human race for all its wrongdoings.
    According to the laws of nature, there are far too many people in the world. Any animal can overpopulate and deplete the resources of its environment, and this includes people. Human overpopulation is a growing crisis that threatens to decimate all the natural ecosystems of the earth. People are literally crowding other animals off of the planet; human overpopulation is destroying wildlife habitats and causing too many animals to become extinct.
    Because of the innovations of science, people have eliminated many of the diseases that once helped to keep human populations in check. New methods of farming and food production has fed millions of people who would have died from starvation. As a result of all the changes, the human population has skyrocketed out of control. The environment cannot sustain this excessive number of people. Birth control should be a top priority in every nation around the world. Fertility clinics and surrogate mother operations should be outlawed.
    Reducing the human population thru birth control is only part of what is needed to restore all of the ecosystems of the world. People need to be educated to respect and protect the environment. God’s sacred laws of nature have been around for a lot longer than the human race, and these laws are certainly not going to change to accommodate people. The human race is going to have to pay the price for defiling a world that was once in perfect balance with nature.



--Marlin O. Wallace


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