December 3, 2018

Grizzly Deaths are a Wake-Up Call

©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    On November 26, 2018, Valerie Theoret, a 37-year-old woman and her 10-month-old daughter were killed by a grizzly bear in Yukon, Canada. This fatal bear attack is a wake-up call about how badly conservation departments and governments are mismanaging wildlife. The natural habitats of wild animals are being overrun and destroyed by people, and nothing is being done to replace these habitats.
    In this case, the people were the intruders in the bear’s territory and in a place where bears were not used to seeing a lot of people. The trapper who shot the bear, Gjermund Roesholtk, was living with Valerie and was an immigrant from Norway; he began hunting and trapping at age 4 with his father and grandfather. Roesholtk was leasing land from the government just to trap animals for their fur. His girlfriend, Valerie was the “designer” of the fur products on their website.
    There has been a lot of controversy raised about why Canada and other countries allow hordes of trappers and hunters to interrupt and destroy the natural ecosystems of the environment. According to the Canadian government, there are 350 traplines in Yukon that the government regulates; there are some 200 active fur trappers this season. Roesholtk, who owns a wildlife and hunting company, was approved to lease a trapline and a cabin on two and a half acres.




    It is noteworthy to acknowledge that today is 2018, and conditions are no ways near like they were in the early frontier days. Domestic fur bearing animals produce all of the fur needed, and there is no reason to kill wild animals. The world has changed radically, and human overpopulation is rapidly destroying wildlife habitats.
    The antiquated hunting and trapping laws have not kept up with the times. Considering the catastrophic effects of human overpopulation, new laws should be legislated to protect wildlife everywhere. The unnecessary killing of wild animals should be outlawed. Aborigines, including Eskimos, should not be granted a free pass to kill endangered animals; these people are getting all kinds of accommodations and subsidies from the government.
    Canada, Alaska and other remote regions of the world should not be allowed to follow in the bloody footsteps of the degenerates who settled the American west during the early frontier days. Kill crazed immigrants had no respect for wildlife or the environment. Among the wildlife species that became extinct were the California Grizzly Bear, which was the largest of all known grizzlies, and over 100 species of Salmon. The death toll and extinctions of wild animals continue to rise because degenerate people have never learned to reduce their population through birth control and to stop the runaway expansion of civilization.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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