November 5, 2018

India’s People and Animal Crisis

©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    Human overpopulation in India is destroying wildlife habitats at an alarming rate. The population of India in 2015 was 1.311 billion people; the projected population for India in 2030 is 1.528 billion people – and that’s far too many people for any kind of healthy environment for man or beast. India should have implemented stringent birth control laws a long time ago.
    An example of India’s people and animal crisis is a government report that about one person a day is killed by “endangered” elephants and tigers. People and animals are being forced together, increasing the number of wild animal attacks. Fenced-in wildlife preserves should be established in India to keep wild animals and people apart.
    The recent killing of a man-eating tiger in India has caused a lot of controversy. The tigress was called “T1” and was admired by a lot of people, but in the end, she was tracked down by over 150 people and shot. Many people believe the tigress should have been tranquilized and relocated.


    Before any headway can be made in curbing human overpopulation in India, leaders in the government must acknowledge that people, like any other animals, can become overpopulated and deplete the resources of their environment. Leaders should be aware of the catastrophic consequences that will occur if they do nothing to stop the skyrocketing birth rate in India.
    Human overpopulation is not only devastating India, but it is also wreaking havoc in all of Southeast Asia. Places like the Malayan peninsula along with the islands of Sumatra and Borneo are running out of space. In fact, the whole world is suffering in varying degrees from human overpopulation.
    The majority of people in India respect nature and wildlife. In fact, the religions of most of the people are more compatible with the laws of nature than Christianity, but the defective part of all religions is that they violate the laws of nature. Human overpopulation is a crime against nature and God.

--Marlin O. Wallace



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