December 28, 2018

Japanese Whale Killers

©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    That repugnant defiant nature of a lot of the Japanese people, which once sparked a vicious war with America, is now being turned against an endangered innocent animal. Recently, the Japanese pulled out of the international whale ban; they say the whales have multiplied enough so that they can resume whaling operations, which is a “lie” according to scientists.
    The Japanese became addicted to whale meat when an out of control degenerate in Iceland, Kristjan Loftsson, was selling tons of whale meat to them. The organizations that are trying to protect whales were in the process of shutting down whaling in Iceland, and now the Japanese are doing the same kind of despicable crimes against nature.
    There should be a lot of other food sources that the Japanese can feed their over-populated hungry mouths with besides endangered animals. The question is, have the Japanese gotten spoiled on the flavor of whale meat? It’s time to shut down the Japanese whaling ambition before it gets started.




    The Japanese are carelessly slaughtering magnificent animals that should be left alone, which makes them seem like fiendish pirates; they’re stealing from everybody. In reality, the Japanese don’t have the right to kill off animals that should exist not only for their own sakes but also for the benefit of people all around the world. Whale watchers everywhere will attest to this.
    The Japanese have been accused of many crimes against marine animals, ranging from killing porpoises and sharks to discarding tons of fish nets in the oceans. Also, the Japanese have bought tons of “ivory” from people who slaughtered endangered elephants!
    There have long been conflicting interests between America and Japan. Not so long ago, a marine wildlife conservation group called “Sea Shepard” clashed with Japanese whaling ships near Antarctica. It’s time for the Japanese people to relinquish their taste for whale meat and learn to respect whales as living breathing animals. No one should ever be allowed to slaughter endangered animals!

--Marlin O. Wallace



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