January 7, 2020

The Jinx of Evolution

©2020 Marlin O. Wallace

    Mankind is the Jinx of Evolution that has brought bad luck to God’s green earth; it has completely upset the balance of nature. Homo sapiens must have been a bad mistake that was made in genetics.
    No other animal has devastated the earth as much as the human race. Here is an animal whose intellectual development far exceeds its physical capacity for survival. The trouble is people don’t have the wisdom to act rationally. The human race has always been at war with nature and itself.
    People have never tried to live in harmony with nature. Mankind is the only animal that ever decimated the earth with contaminated cities, highways and other constructions. A complete lack of concern for the environment, false religions and traditions have led the human race astray.
    The world is being destroyed all because of the irresponsible destructive actions of humanity. People have an obsession for acquiring knowledge and changing the world to suit their own image; this knowledge has been misused. The human race has gone too far with its inventions and weapons of war.




    People have habitually rationalized their delusions of grandeur in the form of false religions. These distorted religious teachings violate the laws of nature and have been a major obstacle to man’s compatibility with the environment.
    Throughout history, people have distanced themselves from nature and created their own artificial kind of environment. In their fabricated civilizations, the majority of people thought of themselves as not animals but as God’s chosen few with all kinds of special privileges and rights.
    People were not designed to fly like birds in the sky or swim like fish in the sea, but they began inventing machines so they could invade domains they weren’t meant to be in. The farther people strayed from what their bodies were designed to do, the more maladjusted they became. In the process of becoming civilized, the majority of people forgot who they really were and lost touch with reality.
    Human crimes against nature are causing all kinds of worldwide catastrophes, including climate change, pollution, poisoned oceans, human overpopulation and starvation. People have not had the foresight to prevent these disasters. Many people have refused to admit their crimes against nature even when confronted with indisputable facts. At this time, the human race is on a suicidal mission, and if it doesn’t turn back to nature, it will implode upon itself with catastrophic results.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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