March 31, 2024

The Jinx Of Evolution

Part 2

©2024 Marlin O. Wallace

    The biggest mistake in evolution was the unprecedented intellectual development in mankind. The increased intelligence of people allowed them to invent tools and weapons that radically upset the balance of nature. Here is an animal that has caused the extinction of all kinds of living things on this planet and is destroying its own environment. No other animal has ever caused as much destruction to the world as people. Mankind, Homo Sapiens, is the Jinx of Evolution that has brought bad luck to God's green earth.
    From the beginning, the intelligence of mankind was a tragedy in disguise. What was perceived to be a great competitive advantage in survival became a self-destructive phenomenon in the end. The out-of-control imagination of people was set on conquering the world and acquiring unlimited wealth and power.
    Because of their genetic inheritance, people are by nature the most maladjusted and destructive species of the animal kingdom. Unlike other animals, the mentality of people is cluttered with all kinds of non-essential information that has nothing to do with survival.
    In its mad rush to change the world, the human race is breaking every conceivable law of nature. People are carelessly mixing the elements of the earth to create all kinds of toxic chemicals and poisons.


    Early on, the human race distanced itself from nature and tried to create its own kind of artificial world of human inventions. People have become so intertwined with the social order and relationships of their own kind that they have ignored the consequences of breaking the laws of nature.
   There have been many false religions throughout the history of humanity. Unproven religious theories contend that mankind is more divine than other animals, that the world was created just for people and that people are privileged to exploit and plunder the earth with impunity. The human race has tried to replace the natural laws of nature with man-made laws that conform to prevailing religious beliefs.
    The whole history of humanity has been highlighted with conflicts and wars. People have never learned to live in harmony with nature. The hidden curse of human inventions became obvious with the creation of devastating weapons of war.
   Today, the whole world is in crisis. All the human mistakes that once seemed unimportant are catching up with the human race. Human overpopulation has led to all kinds of other man-made catastrophes, including worldwide pollution and climate change. The human race has painted itself into a corner, and the only logical way out is to retrace its steps back to the past and try to clean up the mess that it has created.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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