August 7, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    The deplorable “overkill” policies of the police departments, conservation agencies and other authorities need to be thoroughly exposed. When people take an “oath” to become law enforcement officers, they swear to serve and protect citizens, but this does not mean that officers are supposed to use deadly force when it is not necessary.
    In cases of wild animal conflicts involving people and even when animals act aggressive, the protocol of the authorities is to kill the animal either by gunfire or euthanasia. There is always another option in protecting both people and animals. Any animal anywhere can be live trapped and relocated in a place where both people and animals are safe.
    Wearing a badge should not entitle people to play god and become judge and executioner of innocent wild animals that know nothing about man-made laws. Incompetent people have defiled the ranks of the authorities for too long. Law enforcement officers all over the world have earned a bad reputation just by their “overkill” protocol in dealing with wild animals.
    There are numerous examples of the needless slaughter of wild animals by the authorities. In one case, Canadian police killed five black bears just trying to find one that had attacked one person. In Florida, the authorities killed five alligators when they tried to find one that had attacked one person. In Alaska, the authorities decided to kill a grizzly bear just because it acted aggressive.
    Too many law enforcement officials are interpreting archaic laws in a way that makes them feel like they are not responsible for committing heinous crimes when they needlessly kill wild animals. New laws that provide justice for wild animals must be legislated, and responsible people have to be hired to enforce those laws.
    If a fraction of the money that is being wasted on politics and charitable religious organizations were spent on protecting wildlife, endangered wild animals would no longer be endangered. The logical solution to the wild animal crisis is to establish large fenced-in refuges where all aggressive wild animals can be relocated away from people.


    The history of the conservation departments was bad from the beginning and only got worse. Some of the bad choices were when the Missouri Conservation Department started “artificially” propagating paddlefish and shipping them to communist countries. Later, trout were also artificially propagated. All of these fish were stripped of their right to procreate their own kind.
    The corrupted sports industry along with the defiled conservation departments have established vast “killing fields” all across America where no wild animals can be safe from hunters. It is an established racket where innocent wild animals are being ruthlessly exploited.
    Under new guidelines, the police and other authorities could not “jump the gun” and needlessly kill wild animals. All of the offending animals would be live trapped and relocated in appropriate refuges away from people. This envisioned system of justice for wild animals could become a reality if honest people would work together to make it happen.
    Distorted religious beliefs and traditions have caused the majority of people to believe they are better and godlier than other animals. In reality, the spirit of life is just as precious and important in one form of life as it is in another. Mankind does not have any kind of monopoly on the spirit and is living under the same laws of nature as every other creature.
    Historically, the majority of the people who have legislated laws were adversely affected by the contaminating influences of religions and traditions; that’s why there are, even today, open hunting seasons on all kinds of animals. More people than ever before are trying to change the laws to stop the unnecessary carnage.
    The killers who hide behind the badge are acting like blind puppets carrying out death sentences against wild animals. This senseless slaughter has gone on for too long. New laws must be legislated to protect the rights of all wild animals. It’s time for conscientious people to defend animals that cannot defend themselves.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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