October 12, 2019

Living Under Communism

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    Millions of people are living under Communism and don’t even know it. Because of the subversive conspiracy of communism, and because of the innovations of science, it has become increasingly difficult to recognize communist control here in America.
    Communism is best known for its crimes against humanity; people who have been victimized by the reds represent the best evidence and proofs of a communist conspiracy. The effects of the red takeover here in America has been devastating in many different ways. In the realm of “psychological warfare”, the reds are turning Americans against Americans.
    The reds have been infiltrating key organizations in America ever since the “Communist Party USA” was started in Chicago in 1919, two years after the Russian Revolution. The majority of American citizens have failed to recognize the many signs of communism in America. Some of these signs may seem insignificant, but they are all part of the communist “master plan”. The subversive crimes of the reds include:

1. Brainwashing people thru the communications media, including TV, magazines and other forms of communication.

2. Waging psychological warfare against unsuspecting people.

3. Subverting music to agitational forms.


4. Creating noise harassment by making vehicles with excessive motor noise, which stresses people out and causes many disorders.

5. Infiltrating the conservation departments and distorting the values of people and causing the unnecessary killing of animals for sport.

6. Infiltrating the NRA and promoting the sale of guns, bow and arrows and other deadly weapons.

    Communists in the government and military often commit crimes against people with the assurance from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that the offences will not be investigated. Favoritism and biased opinionated dogma are part of the communist conspiracy.
    Living under communism means forfeiting all of your most cherished freedoms and rights to privacy. True freedom is the right to be left alone, and the reds are using many repressive measures to keep people under their control. A new form of “mental slavery” is being systematically and clandestinely forced upon the American people. Secret surveillance equipment, including “mind reading” computers is being used on unsuspecting people. American citizens are not being told the truth by their incompetent leaders and corrupted politicians.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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