January 31, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

   Enforced birth control is the only logical way to diffuse the population bomb. Billions of people are being born into an already overpopulated world. All of these people are expected to be clothed, fed and sheltered by an environment that is being destroyed at an alarming rate.
    Without mandatory birth control, a large percentage of people would be irresponsible and fail to go by the rules. The end results of people not practicing birth control are far more disastrous than any encroachments that could be placed upon any individual’s freedom of choice. In fact, human overpopulation is a crime against nature and is a violation of everybody’s right to live in a world that is not polluted and overrun with people. Excessive human population is everybody’s problem.
    For a time, China practiced birth control with its “one-child” per family policy. When technological advances were made, China reversed its birth control laws. The population of China is now raging out of control just like it is in all of the other countries. Considering the ominous and catastrophic results of human overpopulation, strict birth control laws should be imposed in all parts of the world.
    There is a limit as to how long scientists can use technology to outrun the exploding human population. The saturation point of human population was reached a long time ago, and it is steadily becoming a bigger problem. Scientific advances can never keep up with a runaway human population for long. It is catastrophically fool hardy for world leaders to sit back and do nothing while the population crisis grows astronomically worse. The world is running out of space.
    Many organizations are promoting human overpopulation by encouraging women to have more babies. Fertility clinics and “surrogate mothers” operations should be outlawed. Scientists should be a lot more dedicated to preventing babies from being born than in adding more people to the earth’s population.
    Religious groups and other “do-gooders” are trying to save all of humanity at the expense of the environment. These misguided people are aiding and abetting other people in the destruction of the earth’s natural resources. The “do-gooders” would do a lot more good if they promoted birth control.
    There is only one world and billions of people are systematically destroying it. Poisonous materials in the earth are being brought to the earth’s surface to contaminate the atmosphere, land and water. Much of the world is becoming one big human garbage dump that is unfit for man or beast.     Look at what people are doing to South America, Africa, Asia and all the other continents. The systematical poisoning of the land, rivers and oceans is creating dead zones hostile to all life forms. Because of the inherent destructive nature of mankind, no large human population should ever be allowed to inhabit the earth.
    Environmentalists have repeatedly voiced dire warnings about climate change, pollution and other catastrophic effects of human overpopulation, but not enough people are listening.     People who want to protect the environment are not necessarily “atheist”; they are just people who see the world being destroyed and want to do something about it.
    The dream many people have had about having children has become a nightmare for the world. Every baby born is another threat to the environment. People are going to have to sacrifice and relinquish their selfish and egotistical pursuits in order to diffuse the population bomb that is destroying the world.


    Many uneducated people in backward regions in Africa, Asia, South America and other remote places, have yet to learn the meaning of “birth control”. Women in these impoverished regions continue to have excessive numbers of babies without ever considering the damage they are doing to the environment.
    In modern more civilized regions of the world where people should know better, the birth rate is still raging out of control. A kind of apathetical complacency exists here in America where people don’t know and don’t want to know the terrible consequences of human overpopulation.
    Politics have played a decisive role in human overpopulation. Modern politics come from distorted religious beliefs and faulty traditions. The view that mankind has the right to reshape the world in his own image and disregard the rights of all other life forms, has been a part of all major political movements; it was in Hitler’s Nazism, it’s in Communism and in all Democracies. Even American democracy, with its “by and for the people” policy, discriminates against other life forms.
    If the political leaders of the world had the vision of foresight, they would practice mandatory birth control. The world is divided into armed camps of conflicting opinions, and many nations would probably be uncooperative in reducing their populations. The “bridge building” philosophy of “internationalism” doesn’t work and giving aid to people who are only destroying the environment is preposterous. An “isolationist” protocol is needed to offer an escape route for the nations that do practice mandatory birth control. The reason for “isolationism” is simple, why should the whole world suffer the disastrous consequences of human overpopulation because of apathetic people? If a nation refuses to practice diligent birth control, its people should suffer the consequences without any aid from the people who do practice birth control.
    Immigration has added to the population crisis here in America. This country has been dubbed the “melting pot” of the world where immigrants come to find a new life. The reality is, there are too many people in America now without adding the burden of more immigrants of any kind. Times have changed. This is not the same America that the early colonists knew. This America is facing the dire consequences of the population bomb just like all the other countries of the world. It’s time to shut out all of the immigrants!
    It is through the pampering of the human race that the balance of nature has been upset. Scientists have eliminated many diseases and other forces that once helped to keep human populations in check. Technology has increased the food supply, which has also contributed to human overpopulation. The balance of nature can only be restored by drastically reducing the number of people in the world.
    There should be an awakening and desire in everyone to halt the exploding birth rate. It is in the best interest of everybody to participate in mandatory birth control. No one should ever have to put up with the filthy pollution of a planet that is being destroyed by hordes of irresponsible humans.



--Marlin O. Wallace


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