April 23, 2022

Man-made Climate Crisis

©2022 Marlin O. Wallace

    The effects of global warming are not only direct and violently assertive, but they are also part of a slow death of the land in droughts and floods. The total cost of climate change in property destruction, loss of human lives, floods, droughts, fires and damage to the environment is astronomical. In spite of dire warnings from scientists, incompetent world leaders are doing little or nothing to address the catastrophe of climate change.
    The chain reaction of effects brought on by global warming are widespread and debilitating. Just a slight rise in the average temperature can destroy a pine forest in Canada by allowing a certain kind of bark beetle to flourish earlier and later in the year; a few degrees warmer than normal temperatures can kill a coral reef in the ocean. Man-made climate change happens so fast that many forms of life can not adjust to it. In the past, changes in the climate occurred over vast periods of time.
    The biggest polluters in the world are China, India, the United States and European countries. The burning of fossil fuels is continuing to escalate uncontrollably. Global warming is melting ice in the arctic causing more greenhouse gas effects in the form of methane leaking from the ground. The climate crisis grows worse 24 hours a day because irresponsible people are not doing enough to stop it.


    Communist and Democratic nations are caught up in a competitive kind of rat race in accumulating weapons of war and focusing on space technology. Billions of dollars have been spent on blasting rockets off into space and launching all kinds of satellites while humanity is suffering the worst man-made catastrophes in the history of the world. Corrupted leaders are not only misleading people, but they are also instrumental in destroying the environment for everybody.
    The purpose of this article is to wake up the general public to what is going on in their governments. All of the man-made crises of the world are coming from faulty leadership. Leaders are not addressing any man-made catastrophes, including human overpopulation, worldwide pollution and irreparable damage being done to the environment.
    Only thru international cooperation can the catastrophe of man-made climate change be eliminated. The carbon from the coal being burned in India and China is making its presence known in the winds that blow over America. The carbon from the vehicles and forest fires in America is contributing to the droughts in Madagascar. Climate change is a worldwide catastrophe and everyone should play a role in it’s elimination.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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