February 18, 2019

Man-Made Radiation is Killing Insects

©2019 Marlin O. Wallace

    Today, February 18, 2019, scientists are warning people about the plummeting numbers of insects around the world. Beekeepers and all kinds of other people have become alarmed about the mysterious disappearance of insects. The “secret” about why there is a mass depletion of insects is out. Man-made radiation is the primary cause of decreasing insect populations.
    Anyone can buy an “atomic zapper” and setup their own insect killing machines in their house or backyard. The deadly device kills all bugs in range of its penetrating rays. What’s bad about this zapper is that it kills all of the beneficial insects along with the bad ones.
    The scourge of radiation attacks doesn’t end with atomic zappers being used to kill insects. Laser guns anchored on “satellites” circling the earth pose a threat to everybody. The so-called bureaucrats in the government have never warned the American people about the deadly use of zappers on communist satellites.




    In reality, people around the world are living under a shadow of death hanging precariously over their lives from above. Anyone can be killed by a laser while they are in their own home, and there will never be a trace to the cause of death. This is fact not fiction.
    There have been reliable accounts to verify that radiation attacks from a long range outside source have been used to kill spiders and wasps in houses. The “space program” has culminated in this man-made crisis where no one is safe from deliberate and premeditated radiation attacks.
    The mass killing of insects will destroy critical links in the food chain, and this will bring catastrophic consequences to both people and animals. All atomic zappers should be outlawed, and the increasing numbers of radiation attacks coming from satellites must be stopped before irrevocable damage is done to the food chain and environment.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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