October 19, 2018



©2018 Marlin O. Wallace

    There is a lot wrong with the way conservation departments are operating. These government agencies consider wildlife strictly as a “resource” that is to be used only to placate people. Conservation departments take in a lot of money by selling hunting licenses, but this money is not being spent for creating natural ecosystems and wildlife preserves.
    A graphic example of needless wild animal slaughter and mismanagement of conservation departments can be seen in New Jersey. In one year, over 500 black bears were needlessly slaughtered by blood thirsty hunters with bows and arrows and guns. While conservation workers are trying to convey the message that they are working to improve conditions for black bears, they are allowing “animal genocide” to take place.



In view of the bloody bear hunts that are allowed to take place every year in New Jersey, conservation workers are a lot more like “traitors” than “saviors.” All that monitoring by conservation workers is all for no good. Nothing is being done for the bears, they are being needlessly maimed and killed by what can most appropriately be called uncivilized savages!
    If the Federal Government and the conservation departments were interested in the welfare of wild animals, they would outlaw the unnecessary killing of wild animals and establish wildlife preserves. People would not be needed to control wildlife populations in these preserves. Wolves, cougars and other predatory animals are the natural predators of deer and other prey animals – not hunters armed with deadly weapons!

--Marlin O. Wallace




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