May 4, 2017


©2017 Marlin O. Wallace

    Recently, Johnny Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops, and conservation agents were on TV advertising the “Museum of Arctic Animals” in Springfield, Missouri. All kinds of stuffed arctic animals were being exhibited, ranging from a polar bear to an arctic fox. Judging from all of the visible facts, this is a museum of “overkill” that is sending the wrong message. Many of these arctic animals are on the verge of extinction and should never have been killed!
    Johnny Morris is cashing in on the corrupted sports industry that is promoting the unnecessary killing of wild animals for sport and trophies. This museum display of slaughtered animals is a mute testimonial to the barbaric practice of needlessly killing animals for exhibition purposes. People who try to make a quick buck at the expense of innocent animals are committing inexcusable crimes against nature.


    When people see these stuffed animals, they should be appalled by the unnecessary violence that people are inflicting upon the animal kingdom. The killing of these animals does not represent any kind of heroic achievement or valor on the part of the killers, rather it exposes the most sadistic, cowardly and uncivilized side of humanity.
    The “wake-up” call from seeing this museum of “overkill” is to realize how far people will go to exploit innocent animals in barbaric and unethical ways. The public is being manipulated by the corrupted sports industry to participate in the unnecessary slaughter of wild animals. These stuffed animals should never have been killed!

--Marlin O. Wallace

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