August 18, 2016


©2016 Marlin O. Wallace

    Noise has become a potent weapon in the hands of the communists. Excessive noise makes people neurotic, short tempered and often prone to violence. Aside from being irritating and nerve racking, excessive noise makes people go deaf. The finely tuned hair rods in the ears can easily disintegrate under excessive noise.
    Subtly and methodically, the communists are using noise to incapacitate and desensitize people. Loud vehicles are clogging the streets and highways in towns, cities and in the country all across America. No one can escape the detrimental effects of this explosive onslaught of noise.
    By replacing peaceful sounds with loud obnoxious sounds, the reds are making America a nation of desensitized neurotics. There are communist specialists who excel in creating pressure, anxiety and mental illness in unsuspecting people by simply subjecting them to prolonged excessive noise.
    The reds are promoting rock’n’roll and other forms of loud agitating music to incapacitate young people and make them easier to brainwash. No matter what form it takes, excessive noise is detrimental to all people; it is unnatural and intrusive. People cannot live in harmony with their surroundings when subjected to prolonged periods of excessive noise.
    If people thought about it, they could easily recognize the tell-tale signs of the communist conspiracy at work. What kind of society builds “walls” to keep out loud noise and turns around and deliberately manufactures loud vehicles? At one time, there were city ordinances against excessive motor noise, but those ordinances are no longer enforced.


    All of this communist inspired noise is completely “unnecessary”. There are many technological methods, including advanced “mufflers” that could make all cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles quiet. The American people are allowing the reds to drive them into various stages of neurotic and mental disorders through the use of noise.
    Ignoring the noise pollution will not make it go away. The manufacturers of vehicles must be held accountable as well as the corrupted politicians who manipulate the vehicle makers like puppets on a string. The majority of American citizens have been kept in the dark about the motivations and deceptive moves of the vehicle manufacturers.
    People cannot choose to live in a quiet society when corrupted politicians are making their lives miserable with prolonged excessive noise. It’s time for Americans to wake up and realize that it is a well-orchestrated communist conspiracy that is destroying the peaceful living conditions of this country.
    Noise can be a particularly deceptive and deadly kind of weapon that can drive people to the breaking point. Most Americans are being caught off guard by the escalating noise that is being forced upon them. Immature teenagers and other people who believe it is “cool” to drive loud vehicles are compromising the values of many other people. A lot of people are unwittingly and clandestinely being manipulated by the reds. The US Government is a willing accomplice of the noise makers and has taken no action to stop the criminal use of noise against American citizens.

--Marlin O. Wallace


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